Hero Super Splendor XTEC Suspension and Brakes


Hero Super Splendor XTEC Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Super Splendor Xtec is a bike with a strong frame shaped like a diamond. It has special shock absorbers at the front and rear to make your ride smoother. When you need to stop, it has a good braking system with a big disc or drum at the front and a drum at the back.


The bike uses special tires that don’t need tubes, making them more durable. They are a size 80/100-18 at the front and 90/90-18 at the back.


It’s built with a high ground clearance of 180mm to handle bumpy roads better. The seat is at a comfortable height of 793mm, and it can hold up to 12 liters of fuel.

Hero Super Splendor XTEC Features

The Hero Super Splendor Xtec has a cool digital dashboard that displays important stuff like when you’re running low on fuel, how many miles you’re getting per gallon, and if something’s wrong with the bike. Plus, it reminds you when it’s time for service. You can even connect it to your phone with Bluetooth to see messages and incoming calls while you’re riding.


Also, there’s a USB charging port on the bike, so you can keep your phone juiced up. And it has a feature that turns off the engine when you’re stopped for a while, like in traffic, which helps save gas. Oh, and it’s got a nifty thing that automatically shuts off the engine when you put the kickstand down.

Hero Super Splendor XTEC Engine

The Hero Super Splendor Xtec has a small but powerful engine that’s good for the environment. It’s a 124.7cc engine that meets the latest pollution standards. It’s air-cooled, meaning it doesn’t need water to stay cool, and it uses fuel injection for efficiency. This engine can produce 10.84 horsepower at 7500 rotations per minute (rpm) and 10.6 Newton-meters of torque at 6000 rpm. It comes with a 5-speed gearbox to help you shift gears smoothly while riding.


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