Here are the 5 countries with the lowest cost of mobile internet, according to a study

A recent study listed the differences in mobile data costs around the world, taking into account the average price of a gigabyte (1 GB). Five countries thus stand out with very affordable Internet access costs.

The British giant of price comparison related to Internet offers and television subscriptions has published the ranking of the countries in which the cost of mobile data is the cheapest. Here are the five countries that offer the most attractive rates.


According to data from the comparator, three-quarters of Israelis own a smartphone, and can count on Internet access at the lowest price in the world. Indeed, the price of a gigabyte (GB) in Israel is on average 0.037 euro, which theoretically sets the mobile plan of 50 GB of mobile data at only 1.85 euro per month.


Italy is the first European country in this ranking and stands out with very competitive Internet access costs via smartphones. Indeed the price of GB is on average set at 0.11 euro. This can be explained in particular by the importance of dedicated infrastructures. “A dozen popular providers in Italy collectively offer some of the cheapest data in the world,” explained, which clarifies that 5G is “now available to around 95% of the population, alongside 4G ubiquitous”.

San Marino

The small country nestled in the heart of Italy remains a model of Internet coverage on its territory. Indeed, San Marino was the first European state to “have a 5G network”, established by the Italian telecommunications giant TIM. A gigabyte of mobile data costs 0.13 euros in San Marino, one of the only countries to allow 100% 5G coverage to its population.


The island nation located east of Australia, in Oceania, can also boast of offering low prices for Internet access. The cost of a GB of mobile data is estimated at 0.16 euros according to


In fifth place in this ranking we find India, an emerging country that offers Internet access from a low-cost mobile. According to the comparator, “a large part of the Indian population depends on mobile data to connect, which fuels demand and therefore keeps prices low”, can we read. In India, the price of a gigabyte (GB) is set at 0.16 euro.

Written by Mark Antoine

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