Haaland and his darling, in a box and in pajamas

Manchester City players and their companions met in the disco on Sunday evening to celebrate their coronation in the Premier League. Erling Haaland and his girlfriend have chosen to land in nightwear.

Less than a year after his transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City, Erling Haaland is already champion of England. This weekend, thanks in particular to Arsenal’s setback at Nottingham Forest (1-0), the Norwegian and his teammates validated their title of champion of England. The opportunity for all these little people to go party a few hours later. Sunday evening, they made an appointment with their companions to celebrate all this in a disco. The prize for the most improbable look went to Erling Haaland and Isabel Haugseng Johansen who arrived dressed in matching silk pajamas.

As shown in the photos relayed by the English press, the Manchester center-forward therefore landed with light blue pajamas reminiscent of the colors of his club. On the pocket, the initials “EH”. As for her dear and tender, she did not go unnoticed either with a dress of the same color, looking like a nightie. THE Dailymail says that the revelers met at the private club “MNKY HSE” and that they had fun there until the early morning.

Season far from over

Also dressed in a blue shirt, Alf-Inge Haaland, father of Erling, was also present. Phil Foden and his longtime companion Rebecca Cooke were there, also dressed in blue colors. Despite this beautiful evening of celebration, Manchester City’s season is far from over as the highest mountain in the club’s history comes before it on June 10. Qualified for the Champions League final, Pep Guardiola’s men will face Inter Milan in Istanbul with the intention of winning the Grail that is missing from their list.

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