GPT-4: Open AI company updated Chat GPT

We no longer present it. Since December, Chat GPT, the conversational robot of the company Open AI has fascinated the general public. This generative intelligence that answers all the questions we ask it, or almost, has already been subjected to more than millions of requests every day. But a new step has just been taken on March 14. A real wall of sound for Open AI.

In a press release published during the afternoon (French time), the start-up founded by Sam Altman unveiled an update to Chat GPT, entitled GPT-4. A large model of generative artificial intelligence, capable of swallowing “both text and images”, specifies the young company in which Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Microsoft have invested.

“More creative”

Until now, Chat GPT relied on an older version of GPT, called GPT-3. This update should allow it to respond more precisely to certain tasks. “For example, GPT-4 successfully passed his bar with a score that places him among the top 10% of humans who participated in the exam simulation,” explains Open AI.

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Together with Microsoft-owned cloud provider Azure, Open AI engineers have built from the ground up “a supercomputer capable of supporting the workloads” of GPT-4. An infrastructure that would allow it to deliver results with “unprecedented stability” and to move forward into the future, which Chat GPT was not able to do.

Competition with Google

“The differences may seem subtle between GPT 3-5 and GPT-4, warns Open Ai, but the latter is more relevant, more creative and gives more nuanced instructions”. A first version has already been integrated into Chat GPT, only for text, available on the waiting list. A development interface (API) should be made available to developers.

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Once again, Open AI is overtaking Google, which on the same day presented its latest innovations in artificial intelligence within Workspace, its software suite. A competition right up to the timing some announcements. Indeed, Microsoft will in turn unveil its new AI-based products next Thursday at a trade show.