Google removes this feature stolen from Instagram

End clap for YouTube Stories. Already almost impossible to find on the video platform, Google has decided to give the coup de grace to this feature inspired directly by Snapchat and Instagram. Stories will disappear on June 26, 2023.

youtube end stories
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Remember, in 2018, YouTube decided to launch a “revolutionary” function: Stories. With this idea, the video platform strikes a blow by integrating this format already present on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and even LinkedIn. Well, you will have understood it, Google just jumped on the bandwagon in a vain attempt to offer this ephemeral content that was ultra popular at the time.

However, copying what works from others does not guarantee success. For good reason, the YouTube Stories (which were also reserved for creators with more than 1,000 subscribers) never really took off. And in 2023, it will take a lot of patience to find a story on YouTube.

Already in a state of advanced brain death, Google has decided to give YouTube Stories the final blow. Indeed, the Mountain View firm has just announced in an official blog post the end of this featureafter 5 years of good and loyal service.

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Google announces the death of YouTube Stories

Today, there are many ways to create on YouTube, from community posts and shorts to long-form content and live. To prioritize these key features, Stories are disappearing,” writes the web giant.

If you’re one of the ten people who still use YouTube Stories, know that they will retire on June 26, 2023. Please note that Stories already online on this date will expire 7 days after their initial publication. Either way, it’s no wonder Google is throwing YouTube Stories into the trash.

For similar reasons (lack of popularity of the function and a desire to promote other tools), Twitter and LinkedIn recently ended their own version of Stories.

As a reminder, YouTube is preparing to upset the emblematic design of its site. Several users have shared on Twitter the first images of this new interface, with the title, description and the various buttons now affixed to the right of the video.

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