Gmail will soon write entire emails for you, goodbye to the blank page

Do you receive a lot of emails, but you don’t have much time to answer them? Google has the solution for you, since its Gmail will soon allow you to write entire emails using artificial intelligence.

Gmail AI (2)

Gmail is already one of the smartest email services out there, but it will soon get better. If it was already able to determine the subjects of your emails or read your mind to finish your sentences with Smart Compose, Google wants to go even further. At Google I/O 2023, Google just announced a major breakthrough, powered by artificial intelligence.

In a future update, Gmail will add a “Help me type” button, which will do exactly what it says, and even better. All you have to do is say what you want to say in the text and Google will generate your entire email almost instantly. The same artificial intelligence should also arrive on Docs, which will undoubtedly save you from the white page syndrome.

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Responding to your emails will become child’s play

In Google’s presentation, the example shown was an email from an airline offering a coupon due to a flight delay. Obviously, this does not suit you, and you want a full refund instead.

Gmail AI

Rather than writing an answer yourself, you will soon be able to simply ask Google to do it for you. Google’s artificial intelligence will understand the context of the previous email, and will generate a corresponding response to your request. If the latter does not suit you, you can even choose to shorten it, lengthen it or change the tone to make it more formal with just one click, to increase your chances of getting the refund.

You can of course manually modify the text if you wish to add or remove information, or else ask him to rephrase everything. Google hasn’t said when this feature will arrive, but we’ll update the article if we learn more at the end of the conference.

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