Gims films himself with a baby caracal and angers animal rights activists


Rapper Gims has drawn the ire of animal rights activists after posting a video of him on social media where he feeds a baby caracal on Friday May 5.

PEOPLE – Gims is definitely not stingy with controversy. A few weeks after becoming the laughing stock of the Internet for claiming that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt had mastered electricity, the famous singer and rapper had the good taste to be filmed feeding a young wild cat, on his couch. The sequence, which went viral, quickly sparked the anger of environmental defense associations and social network users.

On this video of a dozen seconds posted by the former member of the group Sexion d’Assaut and accompanied by the caption “It’s all about love”, Gims is slumped on his sofa, visibly drowsy (and without sunglasses). In his arms, a small ball of red fur holds a bottle of milk. The short extract was undoubtedly intended to be touching, except that it is not a simple domestic kitten, but a caracal, a wild feline from Africa and Asia, considered threatened in the north of the African continent. .

On Twitter, animal advocates quickly stepped up to the plate, arguing that a public figure of his stature was not entitled to set such a bad example. “Congratulations Gims”quipped Anne-Claire Chauvancy, the president of the association Action animal protection. “The place of wild animals is neither behind bars nor in the arms of humans. To appear in this way with such notoriety is to send a dangerous message…”she added.

“A feline baby far from its mother… Gims, you participate in the trafficking of wild animals. Shame on you “also denounced the association One Voice Animal. “It’s all just mistreatment… Mr. Gims, with this behavior which may seem harmless, you are unconsciously encouraging animal trafficking”outbid Animalist Campus, the youth movement of the Animalist Party.

“This little one is not a pet”

“After ‘there was electricity at the time of the pharaohs’, today: ‘I give a bottle to a wild animal’. This little one is not even weaned and is not a pet! Put your glasses and your brain back in place and return this little one to his natural environment »severely tackles The League of Animals, in a tweet accompanied by the hashtag “#teubécommejamais” (“beast as ever”, editor’s note).

At the end of March, in a video interview lasting more than an hour and a half with the YouTube channel Oui Hustle, the Congolese singer had already drawn the wrath of the Internet and historians for having taken up an old assertion, according to which the Egyptians had from Antiquity of an electrical system thanks to the pyramids.

Three weeks later, the singer released his latest track Hernan Cortes, named after the Spanish conquistador, on his YouTube channel. By way of illustration, an image of pyramids, surmounted by a golden capital and near a pylon, cables and electrical cabinets. The controversy had grown so much that the EDF company had gone so far as to induct itself “official supplier of the pharaohs” in a commercial.

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Written by Emilie Grenaud

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