German NGO rewards three Cameroonian women for peace efforts in conflict-hit regions – Mimi Mefo Info

Some three Cameroonian women have emerged winners of the German Africa prize, an award organized by the German Africa Foundation.

German Africa Foundation, a non governmental organization declared them winners under the umbrella of National Women Convention, for championing peace efforts in crisis hit North West, South west and Far North Regions of Cameroon.

Amongst them are: Sally Mboumien, Esther Omam and Matthew Wandou.

The three women hail from the North West, South West and Far North Regions of Cameroon.

According to report, they will receive their awards in Berlin, Germany this season.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed following the holding of the first National Women’s convention in Yaounde during which women drawn from all over the national territory made their stands known on the peaceful resolution of the armed separatist conflict in Cameroons Anglophone Regions and others.

The National women’s convention established in 2021 is an amalgamation of 80 groups representing women from all the ten regions of Cameroon .

“The jury has decided to award this year’s German Africa prize to first National Women’s convention for Peace for it’s significant contribution to conflict resolution in four different regions of the country,” said Sabine Odhiambo, Secretary General of German Africa Foundation.

To him, “The work and courage demonstrated by the convention despite the personal dangers it faced, a true source of inspiration, not only for women in conflict situations in Cameroon but through Africa.”

The prize winners recieved the news with joy qualifying it a great recognition to an alliance ready to assist in peacefully ending armed conflicts that have befallen Cameroon.

“Together, we have built an alliance that is stronger, louder and ready and more numerous than those who profit from the war,” said Sally Mboumien from the north west region, adding that , “We are ready for dialogue, ready to mediate, ready to support initiatives and to contribute our efforts to end these crises.”

Martha Wandou from the Far North region on her part said, “This journey has been marked by sweat and tears but also many moments of happiness and communion.”

It should be noted that women are some of the most affected in the conflicts in Cameroon.

According to Esther Omam from the South West region, “It’s an honour. This is a great recognition for the work of women peace builders.”

It should be recalled that, last year the German Africa prize was won by Sikulie Moyo and Tulio De Oliveira, two South African scientists who discovered the Covid-19 omicron variant.

By David Atangana

Written by Aloys Gautier

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