Gain Clarity: How LASIK Surgery Impacts Your Daily Life

Getting tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses? Maybe now’s the right time to consider getting LASIK surgery!


LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that helps to correct vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It involves reshaping the cornea to allow light to focus more clearly on the retina, restoring clear vision.


What’s more, it has an excellent track record and complications are extremely rare. In most cases, patients immediately notice a significant improvement in their vision right after the surgery.


So to help you feel more confident in your decision, together, let’s take a look at how LASIK surgery can change your everyday life for the better!

Improves quality of life


Boosts self-confidence


Nothing can give your self-esteem a much-needed boost than having clear vision and not having to rely on your eyeglasses or contact lenses!


If you ask many LASIK surgery patients, most of them report feeling more confident in professional and social situations after the procedure.


Many LASIK patients say that the freedom from vision aids and seeing the world from a clearer perspective (literally) sparked a newfound level of self-confidence. This allowed their character to shine through and helped enhance their interpersonal relationships.


Reduces stress


For some people, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses can actually be more stressful than convenient.


This may seem like a trivial matter, but every person who relies on them knows that glasses and contact lenses make it harder to enjoy everyday life and enjoy old and new hobbies.


Something like watching movies in 3D or swimming in a pool easily becomes more complicated when you’re wearing prescription glasses or lenses. Travelling can quickly turn into a nightmare if you lose your corrective lenses.


When you’re free from glasses or lenses, you just feel more secure navigating daily life and confident doing more activities. No need to stress about about suddenly losing these tiny little lenses that help you see!


Facilitates a more active lifestyle


Nothing beats a healthy and physically active lifestyle–and this is something that LASIK surgery can give you.


Glasses and contact lenses. can make any sport or physical activity more difficult: glasses fall and fog up, while it’s generally advisable to avoid any physically strenuous activity while wearing contacts.


Removing the need for corrective lenses with the help of LASIK surgery makes working out and playing sports more convenient, thereby improving your overall fitness by leaps and bounds.


Boosts productivity at work


One of the best benefits of improved vision through corrective laser surgery is increased productivity at work.


Considering that many professions, especially in emergency services and healthcare, also require reliable and clear vision, undergoing LASIK surgery can enhance performance at work.


For example, enhanced and precise vision helps pilots navigate any airspace with clarity, military personnel can perform their duties more effectively, and athletes are more focused on their games and competitions.


Yes, LASIK may be expensive, but the long-term financial benefits of a progressive career can outweigh the initial cost of the procedure.


Lowers costs in the long term


Financially speaking, LASIK surgery is a wise investment because it can cost less than glasses and contact lenses in the long run.


The compounding cost of prescription glasses and contacts, including regular replacements and periodical maintenance, adds up as years go by.


Meanwhile, LASIK is a one-time cost that can yield substantial savings in the long run because there’s no need to spend money on regular maintenance and replacement. The results are long-term, close to permanent even!


If you want to know if LASIK is the right procedure for you, get in touch with Shinagawa Eye Centre and its team of specialists for a comprehensive consultation and diagnostics. Call to enquire or book an appointment today!

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