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A movement of persons supporting the presidency of Franck Biya was stopped from participating in the 20th May March pass in Bamenda, North West Regional capital of Cameroon.

After haven prepared with their T-shirts and the Cameroon flag, at the last minute when associations and political parties were to march, the Secretary-General at the North West Governor’s office stopped the Franckists movement of Emmanuel Franck Biya from marching without any explanation.

Franckist movement stopped from participating in 20th May celebrations in Bamenda
Franckist movement stopped from participating in 20th May celebrations in Bamenda

Police officers are reported to have blocked the FRANKISTS MOVEMENT at the commercial avenue and asked them not to proceed with the march pass because they have been given instructions by the Secretary-General to the North West governor’s office, Basiliken George Emmanuel, not to allow them to march.

Basiliken George Emmanuel is also the junior brother of the Minister of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Cameroon

Reacting to the prohibition by the North West governor’s office, the SG of the Franckists movement (MCFP) Fungwe Elvis said, he was embarrassed with the decision of the North West governor’s office stopping the movement of Franck Emmanuel Biya from marching on 20th May in Bamenda.

He was quick to point out that the movement marched in Wum, Nkambe, Babessi, and Ndu:

“It is a kind of hatred which I think the governor’s office will have to look over it again. We deposited an application to march on 20th May with the SG at the governor’s office, we all discussed and made him understand that (MCFP) wasn’t yet a political party, but a movement that want to partake in the national day under associations,” Mr. Fungwe said.

He went on to explain that the movement was in the process of registering as a political party, but had not been officially granted that status by the competent authorities:

“He saw that with us and we showed him documents showing the movements documents were at the office of territorial Administration pending recognition as a political party,” Mr. Fungwe furthered.

The secretary general of the Franckists Movement, North West region however, feels that they were played by the administrators in Bamenda and treated like ‘fools’ as they asked them to participate in preparations ahead of the National Day celebrations, only to be turned down at the last minute:

“He even encouraged us to meet other groups at Commercial Avenue doing rehearsals prelude to 20th May, which we did, but I was surprised again that after mobilizing our members and spending to have them at Commercial Avenue, the North West governor’s office had to stop us from marching.”

The anger and disappointment of the movement for not being allowed to march were palpable as Mr. Fungwe termed the actions of the Governor’s office ‘wicked’:

“This is wickedness. The movement marched in Buea, Bafousam, Doula, and other towns in Cameroon, why stop us in Bamenda?” he queried appearing very agitated.

The MCFM is a movement created and made up of members who support and want Emmanuel Franck Biya, son of the current president who has been in power for over four decades, to go in for the presidential elections in Cameroon by 2025.

The movement now has executive bureaus in all the ten regions of Cameroon, and it’s gradually having bureaus in all divisions and sub-divisions of Cameroon.

Unless Franck Biya’s group officially becomes a political party and places him as a candidate in the upcoming elections, there is currently no other constitutional mechanism by which he can become Cameroon’s president as many have touted.

Written by Aloys Gautier

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