Football: a goalkeeper dies after stopping a penalty in Belgium

In Belgium, the goalkeeper of the amateur team Winkel Sport B died this weekend, just after saving a penalty. He was 25 years old.

Terrible tragedy in Belgium. The goalkeeper of the amateur team Winkel Sport B died this weekend at the age of 25 during his club’s match against Westrozebeke. And the circumstances of his death are tragic. In the second half, while his team was leading (2-1), Arne Espeel saved a penalty. But in the wake of his stop, he felt unwell and collapsed on the ground under the eyes of his relatives who came to attend the meeting.

The emergency services quickly arrived on the spot and gave him a cardiac message for several minutes in an attempt to resuscitate him. In vain. The porter died on the way to the hospital. And his disappearance plunged his club into deep sadness.

“We are all extremely affected. He has been playing with us since his youth and is particularly appreciated by all. That something like that happens to such a young man is beyond comprehension”, reacted the Belgian formation in remarks reported by Het Laatste Nieuws, while ensuring that the young doorman had no medical problem.

Volkan Kahraman had an altercation in a bar before being shot.

“He was a very healthy young man,” she said. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday to find out the exact circumstances of his death.