Food bank worker left speechless by anonymous note amid cost of living crisis

A FOOD bank worker has been left ‘extremely touched’ by an anonymous note left as part of a recent donation.

The volunteers at Crossroads Meltham Food Bank in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, were left speechless by the unknown person’s selflessness and generosity.

Staff at the Huddersfield food bank were 'touched' by the lovely letter


Staff at the Huddersfield food bank were ‘touched’ by the lovely letterCredit: Google

The letter was accompanied by a substantial cash donation.

The lovely note read: “Dear Meltham Food Bank. “I recently got my notice of winter fuel allowance, which is great, BUT as a retired single person, with work and state pensions, I feel that I don’t need it as much as some families on low wages.

“I would like to donate a chunk of it to the Food Bank, and thought that if you spread this message it might encourage one or two others to do the same.”

The author of the note was named only as Gillian by food bank manager Chris Sinclair, who shared the details of the letter on social media.

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He said he was touched to live and work in such a warm-hearted community.

Chris, who has only took over as manager a few months ago, revealed that several people had already responded to Gillian’s gesture and offered up their own donations from winter fuel allowance they did not need.

He said: “It is a lovely letter and I was quite touched by it.

“It is a brilliant sentiment and has prompted a huge response from followers on our [Facebook] page.

“Gillian was quite happy with the publicity for the good cause.”

He added that demand is growing at the food bank as local families struggle to cope with the cost of living crisis.

Volunteers deliver 80 food parcels a month in the surrounding area.

Some people are reportedly referred to the food bank by other agencies, while others contact the charity directly for help.

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Support for those struggling include direct support with bills from the government for people on low-incomes as well as various independent charities and food banks.

You can find information about your nearest food bank on The Trussell Trust’s website, while information on other support can be found by searching “cost of living support” online.

The author donated part of their winter fuel allowance in cash to help people struggling in the community


The author donated part of their winter fuel allowance in cash to help people struggling in the communityCredit: Crossroads Meltham Food Bank


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