Flying with Babies and Kids on Breeze Airways 2024

You can check in the infant’s strollers and car seat for free if they are traveling on Breeze Airways in on your lap.  Children below the age of two who are travelling on their parents’ laps are not eligible for an additional free checked luggage allowance.

 You are allowed to bring a diaper bag filled with food and beverages for your infant into the cabin. This bag does not count against your carry-on luggage limit.

 Breeze Airways Minor Policy

You have two options for checking in your stroller and car chair. Either bring them to the entry point and gate-check them, or check them in at the check-in counter when you leave off your normal suitcase. 

This reduces the chance that your child’s belongings will get misplaced in transit and enable you to get around the airport with your youngster in a stroller.

In order to prevent marks, dirt, and breaking while being processed by the luggage handlers at the gate.

We advise wrapping your child’s stroller and car seat in “gate-check” shields or bags.

 Many of these protective covers for strollers and infant car seats are brightly colored to draw the attention of airport baggage handlers and prevent misplacing during transportation.

Babies and Kids Luggage Allowance on Breeze Airlines with Reserved Seats

The normal adult checked luggage rules for their ticket class exist if your child has a reservation on Breeze Airways. Which means they are traveling in their own allocated seat.

This means that all of Breeze Airlines’ usual checked baggage prices and allowances apply. This is applicable to kid under the age of two. As well as those between the ages of two and twelve.

You can check in an infant carrier for your child for free at the check-in counter or at the gate for boarding.

According to the usual guidelines for checked baggage.  In addition, you need to bring the government-approved infant seat for your child.

Which you will bring into the vehicle with you so they can use it for the duration of the journey. 

Remember that the car seat for your child needs to be FAA-approved and properly labeled with the words This device has been approved for use in automobiles and airplanes.

Breeze Airways Seat Selection helps the travellers to select the comfort seat and have a pleasant journey.

Buying a Seat for a Child Less Than Two Years Old

Even if your kid is less than two. You are still able to buy an allocated seat for them on Breeze Airways if you’d like. 

This will enable your child to fly in the safest possible way in your government-approved car seat. For your youngster to travel in their own seat.

You will need to pay the standard adult fare. 

Kids 2–12 Years Old Flying with Breeze Airways

Children need to be given their own seat if they are older than two. 

Your child will need to purchase a normal ticket and bring a car seat that has been approved by the airline for the flight.

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The accompanying parent or adult must travel in the same tariff class as your child.

Breeze Airlines Provides Free “Family Seating”

Breeze Airways will pay for your family’s airfare to go together.  This is referred to as “Family Seating” and it gives you free placement of seats for the whole group.

Breeze often costs more for the benefit of choosing a seat.

Thus this is one of the best benefits they provide to allow families to travel together even when they are traveling.


Travelers can book their tickets in the Breeze Airways. To carry kids in the Breeze airways do read the Breeze Airways Minor Policy. It helps the travellers to know what they need to carried and what not. Do have a wonderful journey with your family and kids by booking the tickets in the Breeze Airways.

Written by Alex Hamilton

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