Final Fantasy 16 went gold – News

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Nothing surprising in the end, given that the project managers have never ceased to reassure us about the regular progress of Final Fantasy XVI. Director Hiroshi Takai announced last November that development was 95% complete. So that’s six months that the Creative Business Unit III toils to optimize performance and hunt bugs out of their copy. On paper, this sounds like basic practice, but the deluge of technical mishaps in recent months proves otherwise (The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, players salute you).

Good Vibes

It doesn’t have much to do with sauerkraut, but Hiroshi Takai also wanted to talk about the features exclusive to the DualSense controller, just to justify the temporary exclusivity on PlayStation 5. Often decried, the QTEs to open reinforced doors and lower drawbridges will employ adaptive triggers to simulate physical resistances. It will be necessary to gently force on the adults. Said triggers will also react during Chocobo rides.

Much more intriguing, Mr. Takai claims to maximize immersion through micro-vibrations: “Haptic feedback produces extremely subtle vibrations that serve to immerse the player in the heart of our cutscenes. We’ve converted every sound effect into haptic data to reproduce never-before-seen details, like air movement.“. Astro’s Playroom, technical demo included with each PS5, already exploited the DualSense wonderfully to reproduce the raindrops. The promise has the merit of arousing curiosity. Gadget or genius, that remains to be determined.

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