Elisabeth Borne will unveil the government’s plan in a few days

The Prime Minister will present the water plan mentioned on Saturday by the Minister for Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu, when the country has experienced 32 days without rain.

It is a device that is in line with the declaration ofEmmanuel Macron this summer. Following the heat waves, the Head of State then reported of great upheaval» and announced ” the end of abundance “. Using this same terminology, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, announced that, by “A few days », a body of water would be presented.

It is ready, it is complete and has about fifty measures»,asserted the Minister for Ecological Transition on TV5Monde, Saturday March 11. It deals with sobriety, it deals with quantity, it deals with quality, it deals with financial means and governance : on all these points, we must be able to move.»

Reuse of wastewater, everyday actions…

While the country has experienced 32 days without rain – a historic record according to Météo-France – the subject is more important than ever. So much, moreover, that it will be up to the Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, directly responsible for ecological planning, to present this water plan, affirms her entourage at the Figaro.

Laconic, Christophe Béchu has so far only outlined the general thoughts that have fueled this new device. The objective, he announced at the end of January toParisian is above allimprove the quantity and quality of water available” as well ascrisis management“.

The Minister for Ecological Transition also insisted on TV5Monde on the necessary fight “against all types of waste”, by evoking the importance of everyday gestures:Not paying attention to the duration of a shower, the way you let a number of taps run», he had thus enumerated.

A French person consumes 149liters of drinking water per day per person : we have so much water that we have ended up forgetting that, at the bottom of our toilets, we have drinking water», deplores Christophe Béchu.

More broadly, the tenant of the Hôtel de Roquelaure emphasizes the importance of seeking transition models» on “the industrial and agricultural plan”, while recalling the importance of studyingwater sources that we have forgotten are available to us : waste water, gray water and rainwater“.

A “sobriety plan on the water”

While walking the aisles of the Agricultural Show last February, Emmanuel Macron also mentioned the establishment of a water sobriety plan» : We know that we will be confronted, as we were last summer, with problems of water scarcity : rather than organizing under duress at the last moment with conflicts of use, we must plan all that», did he declare.

The nation of France must reuse its water better, harvest rainwater better, it must have fewer leaks in its water networks, which is a huge investment.», continued the president. before calling to pay more attention»,mentioning the possibility of adapting the share of effort»of each one according to the evolution of groundwater“.

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Written by Emilie Grenaud

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