Dubai on a Budget: 10 ways to save money when you visit

Dubai is renowned for luxury, opulence, vibrant nightlife, and ultra-modern architecture. Enjoy and appreciate all that the city has to offer. You do not need to be a millionaire to do this. With proper planning and strategy, you can easily visit and explore the city on a budget. The first step is to search for Dubai flight deals under budget as early as possible. You are likely to find amazing deals when the departure date is after a few weeks. Here, you can find more ways to save money when you visit. Read along to get all the details.


Travel in the off-season

Visit during the off-season to get cheap flight tickets and lower accommodation prices. The best time is from May to September. Most airlines reduce the ticket price at this time due to less demand. Also, book the tickets 3-6 weeks early for the best deals.


Enjoy the food like the locals

Savour the delicious food in Dubai by embracing the local food served at the food stalls. Even on a tight budget, have as much as your heart desires in the right spot. You can simply enjoy a meal by trying out the street food.


Shop at local markets for exceptional bargains

While you may visit the luxurious shopping malls, remember to explore the local markets. You will find plenty of hidden treasures there. Explore the spice souk and the gold souk. Get your hands on high-quality spices, textiles, Jewellery, and much more. 


Research and negotiate while shopping

Always know the approximate value of the item you want to shop for. It will help you negotiate with the sellers. 


Use public transportation

Cabs in Dubai can be a costly affair. Ditch the taxi ride and, instead, opt to travel via the metro, trams, or buses. You can choose to get a Nol Card, which is budget-friendly and can be used to travel around to explore iconic landmarks without breaking the bank.


Explore the free attractions

You can visit various attractions on a budget easily. Entry to the Dubai Mall is free. While at the mall, you can see the aquarium, dinosaur skeleton, and the light and water show. 


Must visit attractions

Other attractions that you can visit are given below.

  • Jumeirah Beach – Relax at the beautiful beaches.

  • Bastakiya – Experience the culture and heritage of the city.

  • Burj Khalifa – Peek a glance at the tallest building in the world. You may go up that building to get a view of the city.

Dive deep in the culture

To get knowledge about the culture, visit the attractions listed below.

  • The Grand Mosque- Immerse in the rich culture by visiting the Grand Mosque.

  • Coffee Museum and Dubai Museum – Visit these museums to learn about coffee and the city, respectively.

Remember to spend time in nature/outdoors

The city has magnificent beaches, picturesque desert landscapes, and parks that can be explored. You may spend some time picnicking in Safa Park, where you can adore the Dubai air fountain show. 

Stay in a budget-friendly hotel

There are several accommodations in the city for tourists that are an excellent choice when on a budget. Consider staying in such guesthouses/hostels rather than staying at a luxury hotel. It is a good way to connect to get an authentic experience without overspending.

With these tips, you can easily explore Dubai on a budget. Also, you can take advantage of city passes to get huge discounts when visiting an attraction.  Remember to always negotiate the price while shopping to avoid going over your budget. Book tickets with low-cost airlines to save money on cheap flights. Always remain flexible with the travel dates to get tickets at a highly discounted price. So pack your bags and prepare to take off with friends and family.


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