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Drought: the sale of above-ground swimming pools will be prohibited from this Wednesday in this department

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, has announced the ban on the sale of above-ground swimming pools in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

As of this Wednesday, May 10, the sale of above-ground swimming pools is prohibited in the Pyrénées-Orientales, as the Minister for Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu announced last Friday at the microphone of RTL.

This decision is taken “in order to avoid having people who buy swimming pools and who would then have the temptation to fill them even though this filling is prohibited”, explained the politician.

The announcement came at a time when “crisis” measures, including new water restrictions, are due to come into force on Wednesday in this department affected by an exceptional drought.

“global warming is now”

“It is not a government decision, it is the reality of nature and the situation in which we are, we must get used to the idea that global warming is now”, had underlined The Minister.

This “crisis alert level”, the highest, concerns “the territories of Têt and Agly”, two rivers crossing part of this border department of Spain, the prefect announced last week, after a meeting of the Local Water Resources Committee.

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