Don’t Throw Away Cherry Pits. 8 Tips For Reusing Them.

The cherries are back on our trees or on the market stalls.

I love these fruits and I admit that I eat a lot of them during the season.

However, we always end up throwing the kernels in the trash.

Here I show you how to use cherry pits so you don’t mess anything up.

It was my grandmother who showed me these tricks to give a second life to this part of the fruit.

A word of advice: the next time you eat cherries, save the pits!

In addition it is full of virtues. Here is 8 ways to reuse cherry pits. Look :

1. In a hot water bottle

how to make a hot water bottle with cherry pits

This is probably the best known use of cherry pits.

Just keep them in a jar until you harvest at least 500g.

Then, wash them in a solution of vinegar water and let them dry.

Then, all you have to do is put them in a fabric envelope and sew it all together.

Put the hot water bottle in the microwave to heat it up. You will love it in winter, believe me!

Want a cool cushion in the summer?

Well, put it in the freezer for a few hours…and enjoy the freshness that spreads.

The best part is that the cores retain heat as well as coolness.

And all this naturally and without making the slightest expense.

2. In a stress ball

how to make a homemade cherry pit stress ball

It’s a bit the same principle as for the hot water bottle.

Put them in a small fabric envelope, preferably spherical.

Sew it all together.

In case of stress, knead your little homemade stress ball.

It’s crazy good, right?

Squeezing a malleable object in your hands is very beneficial in case of fear or great stress at work!

In addition, it is said to press on acupuncture points and energy nodes that allow you to relax.

Like what, a few cherry pits are more beneficial than you think.

3. In marbles for the bottom of flowerpots

cherry pits clay pebbles in a flowerpot

In general, we put clay balls in the bottom of the pots.

For what ?

Because it drains the water and prevents the soil from being soaked in the event of heavy watering.

The roots are not in danger of rotting.

The only drawback: these balls have a price.

So, to keep costs down, replace them with cherry pits.

The results are the same…and there, it’s completely free!

4. By weight for pie shells

bake a blind pie shell with cherry pits

It is sometimes important to cook the pie shells before putting the filling on them.

Otherwise, it stays soft and moist instead of crunchy…

But, when you put a pie shell in the oven, the dough tends to swell and blister.

To avoid this, the ideal is to weight everything with cherry stones.

This trick will change your life.

5. As fuel for the barbecue

charcoal cherry pits for barbecue

Did you know that cherry pits burn well and burn very slowly?

Which makes it a perfect fuel for the barbecue.

In addition, they give a slight smoky flavor to your food.

Only condition:

The kernels must be perfectly dry.

So dry them well in the sun or at worst put them in the dehydrator.

6. In sweet syrup

cherry stone syrup recipe

To prepare this sweet drink, you will need:

– 1 cup kernel

– 2 cups of water

– 2 cups of sugar

Put everything in a saucepan and boil everything for a few minutes, then let it cool.

When the mixture is cold, strain to separate the liquid from the pits, and put the liquid in a glass bottle.

It’s up to you prepare a refreshing drink by adding 1 volume of syrup to 6 volumes of water.

This syrup will keep for about 1 month in the fridge.

7. In liquor

easy recipe liqueur with cherry stone

A good fruity liqueur to end a meal, there is nothing better.

And it’s even better if you make it yourself.

For this, put about 400 g of pits in a cloth and break them with a hammer.

Pour everything into a jar and add 1 liter of fruit alcohol (the one of your choice).

Leave to macerate for 3 months before filtering.

Then, prepare a syrup with 500 g of sugar and water which you will pour into the alcohol of cherry pits.

And it’s ready, all you have to do is taste it.

Don’t worry, cherry pits are not toxic to humans.

8. In diuretic herbal tea

cherry stem herbal tea recipe

And what to do with cherry stalks, are you going to tell me?

Well, we can make a herbal tea very easily and totally free.

Put 4 tablespoons of cherry stems to boil in 500 ml of water.

Let steep for 5 minutes with a lid on the pan.

Filter and drink as soon as the mixture is at the right temperature.

What are the virtues of cherry stalks?

They are diuretic and act to deflate the belly.

They drain and detoxify the body and provide very interesting minerals.

Obviously, I advise you to choose untreated cherries!

Like what, everything is useful in a cherry.

Your turn…

Have you tested these grandmother’s recipes for recycling cherry pits? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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Written by Mark Antoine

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