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Deportation: pimping, death threats… Sentenced 16 times in 20 years, he is sent back to Algeria

A repeat offender who arrived in France more than forty years ago was sent back to Algeria on Sunday, his country of origin, CNEWS learned from the Ministry of the Interior.

A despairing CV, illustrating the dangerousness which earned him being expelled from France. The prefect of the North, on the decision of the Ministry of the Interior, sent Mounir B. back to Algeria on Sunday May 7.

Since he was 18 and in twenty years, from 2000 to 2020, the individual has been convicted sixteen times. He was notably found guilty of aggravated pimping on a young victim, violence against persons holding public authority, death threats against public transport agents or against police officers.

To the latter, he had said that he intended to “put a bullet in their back (and) cut their throats”, by hitting them and spitting on them, described the Ministry of the Interior in the decree that CNEWS was able to to consult.

“attack on the fundamental interests of the State”

Thus, considering these numerous facts, which led him to receive a cumulative twelve years in prison, and pointing out that Mounir B., “refuses to comply with the laws of the Republic” and “has shown no remorse, rejecting the fault on the forces of order” when he appeared before the commission of expulsions, the authorities decided to deport him to his country, Algeria.

The Ministry of the Interior indicated that it had taken into account the fact that the individual had entered France before the age of 13 and had habitually resided there since, which, in almost all cases, makes it possible to protect the aliens from deportation, but that his “behaviour prejudicial to the fundamental interests of the State” authorized it.

The decree of the Ministry of the Interior also indicates that Mounir B. had benefited from family reunification to enter France regularly in 1982.

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