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“Crazy Bear”, a successful cocktail of comedy, horror and cocaine

CINEMA – This is the story of an absurd news item that becomes a very funny film at the crossroads of horror and comedy. Cocaine BearOr crazy bear in its watered-down French version (we wonder why), planted its claws in French cinemas this Wednesday, March 15, after an explosive start in American cinemas.

crazy bear, it is first the true story of a 100-kilo brown bear, found dead in January 1986 in the wild region of Chattahoochee near Blood Mountain, in the eastern United States. The autopsy reveals that the animal’s stomach was completely filled with cocaine: its death was caused by a cerebral hemorrhage, hyperthermia, respiratory arrest, heart attack, while its kidneys had stopped working.

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Next to him is a disemboweled and empty orange bag, which originally contained some 35 kilos of Colombian gunpowder, no doubt looted mostly by humans, and possibly other animals according to police in the city. ‘era. The investigation will in fact reveal that this bag, like others, had been thrown four months earlier from a plane by a mercenary and trafficker by the name of Andrew Carter Thornton, found dead on the driveway of a residential suburb of Knoxville… his parachute remained closed.


Jimmy Warden, screenwriter crazy bear, stumbled upon this news item by chance while scrolling on Reddit. In a comment, a user indicated that the animal with only 4 grams in the blood must have died in less than 5 minutes, ” but that those 5 minutes had made him the most enraged and dangerous predator the planet had ever borne “. He held the guiding idea of ​​his film.

Of course I wasn’t going to settle for a bear that overdosed. It would have been morbid says Jimmy Warden in the production notes. ” So I imagined the carnage he could have indulged in before he breathed his last. This scenario was crazy (…) I never enjoyed it so much as imagining the different ways in which this completely stoned and enraged bear was going to be able to kill as many people as possible in the depths of the woods. »

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Directed by Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 2, Charlie’s Angels), we are worried to see arriving in the forest that the delirious bear walks through a whole gallery of zany characters: Dutch hikers, two schoolchildren who have gone to see a waterfall, a game warden and a water and forest inspector , traffickers come to recover their loot, a gang of not very scary delinquents or even policemen who follow the trail of a drug lord.

© 2022 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved COCAINE BEAR

© 2022 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved

Actress Keri Russell and the addicted bear in the film “Crazy Bear”, “Cocaine Bear” in VO, directed by Elizabeth Banks

We jump when we hear the breath of the bear getting closer, we hide our eyes when the hemoglobin, the brains or the intestines of those who cross his path spurt out, we laugh a lot in front of a brilliant chase with an ambulance and above all, we rejoice when the beast does a dance of joy under a cloud of cocaine (in fact aspartame powder thrown with an air compressor, for those who were wondering). All bathed in an atmosphere of the 80s where cross references to Grease, Back to the Future, Journey to the End of Hell Or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Elizabeth Banks dreamed of a “ good comedy, with moments of pure laughter, all underpinned by real suspense, and sprinkled with a ton of gore », and it didn’t fail for our greatest pleasure as a movie buff.

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