Corinne Deacon has lost everything

Dismissed from his position as tricolor coach at the end of March, Corinne Deacon also saw her club always sink.

Corinne Deacon had a nightmarish start to the year. Consequence of the putsch launched by Wendie Renard a few months before the World Cup. A putsch which led to his dismissal and his replacement by Hervé Renard. But another page is about to turn for the former defender: Soyaux, his lifelong club is playing his last match in the top flight this Saturday.

Sentenced to relegation, Soyaux will bid farewell to the elite during a gala match against PSG on behalf of the last day of D1 Arkema. And the outlook is bleaker for the Charente club, where Corinne Deacon has spent her entire career as a player. After having played there for almost two decades, with no less than 350 matches, the Northerner also made her coaching debut there in 2010 before making history by sitting on the Clermont bench. , in League 2.

Champion of France in 1984, Soyaux is one of the historic clubs of the elite, despite two brief descents when Corinne Deacon discovered the job of coach. But its future is most uncertain. Difficult for a village club to fight when the big teams have embarked on women’s football. ” It’s been years that we are on a wire. One year, we even lost three points. The passage in front of the DNCG, it was anxiety-provoking. We are reaching the limits thus entrusted there captain Siga Tongia to the Charente Libre.

The shadow of a liquidation hangs over the club, with the key to relegation to the third level. ” Soyaux no longer has a place in D1. Communities can no longer follow, said Francois Nebout, the mayor of the Charente city.

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