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Comprehensive Range of Microsphere and Microneedle Solutions for Pharma and Biotech Applications

CD Formulation, a leading provider of innovative pharmaceutical formulation services, has recently launched a comprehensive range of microsphere and microneedle solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The newly introduced solutions are focused on long-acting controlled-release microspheres and phase-transition microneedle patches, to meet the growing demand for novel biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, while at the same time, improving efficacy, safety, and convenience in drug delivery.

Microsphere and microneedle technologies have been gaining increasing popularity in drug delivery over the past few years, offering an enhanced drug delivery option as compared with traditional delivery methods. Microspheres are tiny spherical particles containing drugs that can be injected or implanted for sustained release, allowing a slow and controlled delivery of the therapeutic agent to the targeted site. Microneedles, on the other hand, are tiny needles that can penetrate the skin surface for transdermal delivery of drugs.

“Our innovative drug delivery solutions are ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech applications, such as gene therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, anti-infectives, and vaccines,” said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “As always, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality drug delivery solutions that meet their specific needs and regulatory requirements.”

Below are the main microsphere and microneedle solutions provided by CD Formulation:

Microsphere and Microneedle Patch Preparation Services

CD Formulation’s research team offers a wide range of microneedle preparations with smooth tip surfaces and clear tip details, for melatonin microneedle patch, parathyroid hormone microneedle patch, exenatide microneedle patch, insulin microneedle patch, and blood glucose continuous monitoring patch. Meanwhile, CD Formulation can also properly prepare the following microspheres, including polymeric microspheres, embryonic microspheres, delayed-release drug delivery microspheres, parathyroid hormone sustained-release microspheres, calcitonin long-acting extended-release microspheres, erythropoietin microspheres, polysaccharide vitreous particles, and insulin slow-release microspheres.

Analytical Testing Services for Microspheres & Microneedles

Having abundant experience in the large-scale production of microspheres and microneedles, CD Formulation’s biopharmaceutical laboratory and amplification platform is also capable of conducting analytical testing services for customers worldwide to ensure the quality of microspheres and microneedles. Our analytical services include morphology testing, swelling performance evaluation, microneedle properties testing, microspheres mechanical property testing, and zeta potential measurement of microspheres.

Formulation Development Services for Microspheres & Microneedles

Scientists at CD Formulation are proficient in developing formulation strategies for microspheres and microneedles. Various aspects such as the route of administration, dosage form, maximum and minimum doses, and the appearance of drug carriers, would be taken into consideration to achieve the most efficient and effective drug delivery.

Microspheres Mass Production Services

CD Formulation can provide mass production services for various types of microspheres, such as polymer microspheres, parathyroid hormone microspheres, calcitonin microspheres, insulin microspheres, etc.

Microsphere Stability Testing

Stability analysis is a necessary step for microspheres before they are used as drug carriers. CD Formulation provides detailed stability testing options for microspheres, including organic solvent resistance test, acid resistance test, alkaline resistance test, and accelerated experiment test. The purpose is to help clients extend the storage time of the microspheres and better adapt to the normal environment.

Microspheres & Microneedles In Vitro Release Testing

The microsphere and microneedle in vitro release test provided by CD Formulation is to test and evaluate the release amount and release rate of the drug within a certain period of time after administration, and to investigate the release behavior of the drug carrier.

In Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing for Microspheres & Microneedles

CD Formulation can provide in vitro cytotoxicity testing for microspheres and microneedles, using different testing methods.

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