Cheap hairstyle: 13 tips

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You are looking for good plans to obtain a cheap hairstyle ? You are in the right place ! Discover 13 tips to pay less for your haircut.

Hairdressing events

Hairdressing events

Some companies have a habit of organizing events as part of a new product launch. It can be, for example, a brand of hair products (shampoo, coloring, mask, etc.) or hairdressing accessories (straighteners, curling iron, hair dryer, etc.).

The brands that participate in these hairdressing events offer visitors the opportunity to test their products for free. So be on the lookout for this kind of opportunity if you want get your hair done by a professional without paying a penny.

The choice of cut, favor simple cuts

To take care of your hair without breaking the bank, do not neglect the choice of cut. Indeed, some cuts are more economical than others.

By opting for a complex cut, you will not be able to skip regular touch-ups. However, this will inevitably multiply appointments with the hairdresser, which will increase your bill. So remember to ask your hairdresser to make a cut simple and easy to maintain. The idea is to go to the hairdresser less frequently in order to significantly reduce your hairdressing budget.

To save money on your hairstyle, also consider testing the places of passage. This may include an airport, a metro or even a supermarket. The hairdressers in these places indeed work on dry hair. Including only a brushing or a haircut, these quick services generally cost less.

hairstyles at home

Another effective tip to pay less for your hairstyle: call on a hairdresser at home. Indeed, the latter has no rent to pay, which allows him to offer more attractive prices.

Most home hairdressers do not come to your home for free. So, be sure to find out about travel costs beforehand. They usually have a website where their rates are displayed.

However, there are some professionals who do not charge for their travel, especially if the distance to be covered remains low. This is the kind of deal to look for if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your hairstyle.

Become a model

Does the idea of ​​changing faces on a regular basis not scare you? So why not become a hair model? To be able to do this kind of job, however, it is necessary to have beautiful hair in order to arouse the interests of professionals in particular.

In addition to giving you the benefit of a free cut or color, this good plan also allows you to earn money. There are many brands that offer offers to become a model, to name only Revlon Professional.

comb your own hair

Do you want to make great savings? Why not make your hairstyle yourself? If you’re not very good at hairstyling, don’t panic.

Get help from experts by consulting their YouTube channel. Indeed, on this video sharing platform, you will find a multitude of hairstyle tutorials.

For example, on YouTuber Laura Milow’s channel, many of her content is dedicated to hair tips. In one of her videos, she shows, for example, 5 easy hairstyle ideas to do yourself. She also gives many practical tips for maintaining the hair.

Kiute app by Booksy

Kiute (formerly LeCiseau) is an application from the Boosky group, the leader in online booking in the field of beauty. On this platform are referenced more than 10,000 beauty salons and hairstyle in more than 200 cities in France.

This solution makes your life easier by allowing you to easily find salons near you. What’s more, you can validate your appointment from your Kiute account in just a few clicks.

And that’s not all ! Kiute allows you to find discount hairdressers. Indeed, the concept is simple: this platform helps its partner salons to find customers during their off-peak hours. In return, hairdressers must offer a reduction in their usual rates. THE services can be up to 50% cheaper.

hairdressing night

Have you ever heard of hairdressing night? This is an event organized by the leader in cosmetics L’Oréal Professionnel. Each year, this evening dedicated to hairdressing brings together an average of 2500 hair salons in France. Occasionally, you may enjoy a free 20 minute styling session at one of the participating lounges.

And that’s not all ! In addition toa 100% free cut made by experts in this regard, you also benefit from their hair care advice.

Note that the L’Oréal hairdressing night is not just for those who live in France. Indeed, this XXL event takes place at the same time in 30 countries. This includes in particular the United States, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Group purchases (Groupon)

A group purchase is a practice allowing a group of customers to benefit from reduced prices at a brand. The principle is simple: the more the number of customers increases, the more the price will be advantageous. This concept is used in several sectors of activity including that of beauty and well-being.

To make group purchases and take advantage of a hairdressing session at a mini price, consider using Groupon. Launched in 2008, this platform is the undisputed leader in online group purchases. By using this platform, you will find a large number of products and services offered in group purchase. By opening a Groupon account (via their official website or their mobile app), you will have access to various service offers (cutting, Brazilian smoothing, coloring, etc.). These are reserved at the same time by several users of the platform.

In this system, everyone wins. The Groupon platform takes a commission on the services sold. Hair salons attract more customers and increase revenue. As for customers, they benefit from a price reduction thanks to the group purchase.

Low-cost hairdressing brands (Tchip)

To style your hair without spending a fortune, consider turning to low-cost hair salons, including Tchip Coiffure. This is a brand that has more than 500 hairdressing salons in France.

She stands out for her unbeatable prices. For example, for a service combining shampoo-cut-blow-drycount only 32 euros for long hair and 27 euros for short hair.

Although Tchip Coiffure offers unbeatable prices, this does not mean that their service leaves something to be desired, quite the contrary. All of their employees have undergone training at Groupe VOG. In addition, they use the high quality products from Kérastase and L’Oréal Professionnel.

Do some of the care yourself to reduce the cost of your cut

To make the addition less salty, here is a simple, but effective technique: do not do everything at the hairdresser. The idea is to carry out part of the care in the hairdressing salon, and the rest at home.

For example, you can go to the hairdresser with already washed hair. For the cut, you leave this part to the professional. As for drying, you will do it once at home.

If you are offered complementary care, dare to say no. Consider making them yourself in order tosave ten euros on your hairdressing budget. Again, do not hesitate to watch tutorials on YouTube to guide you on the steps to follow.

Salon Hairdressing school

As in any profession, it is essential to constantly improve your hairdressing skills. This is why hairdressers continue to refine their technique throughout their professional career. To do this, they go to “salon-schools”. The latter offer services as in ordinary salons, but also welcome trainees.

Thanks to these salons, hairdressers will have the opportunity to optimize their hairdressing skills. Of course, these are not theoretical courses. To improve, they will need customers. This is where those who want to enjoy a cheap hairstyle come in.

Indeed, by using the services of these professional hairdressers in training, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cut at a low price. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the service since a qualified tutor is there to accompany the hairdresser.

Hairdressing schools

Hairdressing schools

Another trick to take advantage of a cheap hairstyle: go to hairdressing schools. The operating principle is quite similar to that of school fairs. However, here we are not talking about professional hairdressers in training, but rather students in a hairdressing school.

Unlike a salon-school, a hairdressing school does not welcome traditional clients. She is only looking for models to allow the students to practice. Moreover, these establishments are only open during school hours. Thus, it is impossible for you to take advantage of this kind of good plan during holiday periods or on weekends.

As far as prices are concerned, these are significantly reduced. In some cases, it is even possible to benefit froma free service in a hairdressing school. Here again, trainers accompany the students to ensure the quality of the results.

Loyalty card

Many hair salons offer a loyalty card to their customers. After several visits to the same hairdresser, do not hesitate to ask him for yours. This will give you a reduction even a free treatment at your next appointment.

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