Carpet Slipping on Parquet or Tile? 2 Effective Tips.

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It must be said that between the children and the dog at home, it is difficult to keep your carpet in its place.

Fortunately, here are not one but two effective and inexpensive tips to prevent your mat from slipping.

All you need is a Velcro tape. Look, it’s quite simple:

How to do

1. Put a Velcro tape on the carpet.

2. Stick another on the parquet or tile floor.


And There you go, your carpet stays in place all day 🙂

Simple, practical and effective!

It is an economical solution to prevent carpets from slipping.

It will probably save you from falling and hurting yourself.

And it’s also easier for cleaning under the carpet.

But it’s also easier to vacuum it, because the carpet is blocked.

bonus tip

And it works too with siliconlook :

Your turn…

Have you tried this cheap trick to stop the carpet from slipping on the parquet or the tiles? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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