Cantona dismantles French football and PSG

During an interview, Éric Cantona heavily criticized French football. Among other things, he considers that France is not a footballing country.

Launched into a new conversion as a singer, Eric Cantona will launch their first tour in October in Manchester. On this occasion, the former Manchester United player confided in the Parisian. And as usual, the former French international could not refrain from slipping a well-supported tackle in French football and in particular for the city of Paris.

During this interview, the Marseille native felt that French football lacked history. “French football has no history, it is the only country in the world where the same city does not host two teams. So yes, there are people who love football, there are real fans, but not enough to have two clubs in one city. And I may be an old jerk, but I prefer to support football that has a soul, that has something that touches me. On the side of Paris, I would rather go to see the Red Star, in Saint-Ouen, than the PSG “he blurted out.

In the process, Cantona dwelt on the relationship between football and politics, recalling that he did not watch the 2022 World Cup which took place in Qatar. “In 1978, in Argentina, the World Cup took place under the dictatorship of Videla, who took the opportunity to deliver a speech of freedom. The national team was crowned world champion at the Monumental stadium, recalls Cantona. At the same time, 500 meters away, people were being tortured. They heard the crowd and therefore the victory of the dictatorship. In France too, the 1998 World Cup was used to celebrate France black-blanc-beur. Or, on the contrary, when the team was in check, to point the finger at immigration” added the former mythical number 7.

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