Calls for abruptly discontinued breakfast item to be brought back by nostalgic fans – and they even miss the ad jingle

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DOTING fans have issued a new plea for one of their favorite breakfast cereals to be reintroduced – nearly 35 years after it was discontinued.

Nintendo fans fell in love with the “Nintendo Cereal System”, which featured two cereals based on popular video games in 1988.

The beloved cereal was suddenly discontinued


The beloved cereal was suddenly discontinuedCredit: Twitter / Discontinued Foods!
The 1980s NES Mario and Zelda games were incredibly popular


The 1980s NES Mario and Zelda games were incredibly popularCredit: YouTube / Jude Law

Fans began reminiscing on the fruity duo cereal after Twitter account Snack Memories posted a photo of the box.

The cereal was released in 1988, capitalizing on the new craze with Nintendo’s videogames “Super Mario Bros” and “Zelda”.

Split into two compartments, the cereal box offered both fruity and berry flavored cereals for video game lovers.

It even offered a small Nintendo pinball game, “featuring Mario or Link”.

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To the disappointment of fans, the cereal was discontinued in 1989, after only a year on shelves.

Former eaters of the limited edition cereal shared their memories with each other.

Some even recalled the famous commercial jingle.

One commented: “I heard this tweet. Lol. ‘Nintendo, it’s for breakfast now! Nintendo, it’s a cereal – WOW!’ Ahahahahha.”

Another Nintendo super fan shared that he had never heard of the cereal before.

He commented: “Huge Nintendo kid around this time and had no idea this even existed then.

“Then again, my parents didn’t buy me sugar cereal growing up.”

Another mentioned they would love to see it make a return: “It’d be cool to see this come back.

“The cereal was released way before I was born!”

One super fan said he managed to sell a full box of the cereal for $400 – claiming the cardboard box is the most important part.

One fan said the cereal was terrible: “This stuff tasted so bad. Taught me a lesson as a Nintendo-loving kid.”

Another fan simply asked Nintendo to bring it back: “Oh bro. This was my favorite cereal.

“Nintendo, you know what to do. Bring this back for us! AMERICA NEEDS THIS!”

Last month, Nintendo fans rejoiced as their Switch Online players received a free game.

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FIFA 23 Legacy Edition was available to play for free – for a five day period.

Taking part in the trial will earned players 100 Platinum Points, which can be used to purchase things on the Nintendo Store.

The commercial had many kids singing along


The commercial had many kids singing alongCredit: YouTube / Jude Law
The beloved character had his own cereal as well


The beloved character had his own cereal as well