Bruno Lemaire’s unexpected support for Booba in his fight against influencers

The Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire estimated on Monday that the rapper Booba, who has become a figure in the fight against the methods of certain influencers, was “right to recall these abuses”.

A statement that unleashes social networks. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, was the guest of our colleagues from FranceInfo, this Monday, for an interview during which he admitted that Booba was “right to recall the excesses” of influencers.

“He is right. He is right to recall that there are excesses, and which are unacceptable”, launched the tenant of Bercy, following the rapper Booba, at war for several months against the “influvoleurs”, a nickname given to them by the ‘artist.

Bruno Le Maire also returned to the consultation established at his request, so that influencers are subject to the same rules as the traditional media. “Influencers who are creative and represent employment must be subject to the same rules as traditional media, such as radio and television,” the minister announced.

“When you have alcohol consumption, or product placements related to alcohol, the legal notices must appear on the sites of influencers. This is not the case today,” he conceded.

“We want to strengthen controls to ensure that the Net is not the Wild West,” concluded Bruno Le Maire, before posting it black on white this afternoon, in a tweet.

However, the politician preferred to speak of a “fight for influencers” than “against influencers”, ensuring that he wanted to give them a “status”, so that they “be better protected”. For his part, Booba seems to have appreciated the word of the minister, since he relayed the passage on his Twitter account.