Bordeaux: the church of the Sacred Heart tagged, an open investigation

This Sunday evening, March 12, spray paint inscriptions were discovered on the door of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Bordeaux (Gironde). An investigation has been opened to identify and bring the authors of these sometimes offensive tags to justice.

Worshipers and residents in shock. Anarchist inscriptions with the bomb were discovered on the door of the church of the Sacred Heart of Bordeaux this Sunday, March 12 in the evening. After vandalizing the building, the perpetrators of this act lit a trash fire, which was brought under control later in the evening by firefighters.

The inscriptions essentially refer to the devil. Thus, we can read the tags “devil take me with you” or “burn everything for free”. Other inscriptions also allude to the far left such as “UNEF radicalized me”.

According to our colleagues from the Southwest, who cite witnesses, it could be a “group of noisy and alcoholic thirtysomethings” who disappeared when the firefighters arrived to put out the fire.

Even if, for the time being, the identity of the criminals is unknown, the parish immediately lodged a complaint against X for damage to property. In a press release published on its website, the diocese of Bordeaux said it shared “the emotion of the Catholic faithful and the inhabitants shocked by this act”.

Following these degradations, an investigation was opened by the police in order to identify the perpetrators of “these intolerable acts” and bring them to justice.

“The Church of the Sacred Heart of Bordeaux was targeted last night by hate tags and acts of vandalism. Prefect Étienne Guyot denounces these intolerable acts. An investigation has been opened so that the perpetrators can be identified and brought to justice,” tweeted the official account of the prefect of New Aquitaine and Gironde.

Nocturnal tags have been multiplying for several days in the Bordeaux metropolis and on the walls of places of worship. Last Friday, the Al-Farouk mosque in Pessac was tagged. In addition to the construction site of the mosque of Talence, the permanence of the rebellious French deputy Loïc Prud’homme was targeted on March 8, as was the reception center for asylum seekers (Cada) in Bègles. Bordeaux Family Planning has been tagged three times in three weeks.