Boost your conversations with this eyeglass that integrates ChatGPT!

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An American student has built his own augmented reality system to create a conversational assistant. Called rizzGPT, it integrates ChatGPT to track your conversations and suggest answers.

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Generative AIs have the potential to assist humans in just about anything, including holding a conversation with another human. Here is rizzGPT, a project led by Bryan Chiang, a student at Stanford University, which turns ChatGPT into a true conversational assistant. Its creator designed it especially for romantic dates, ” rice in English being an abbreviation of charisma.

On the hardware side, rizzGPT uses Monocle, a single-eye augmented reality display, accompanied by a microphone, produced by Brilliant Labs. The device clips onto a standard pair of glasses and connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone that manages the software side.

An assistant for those who suffer from social anxiety

The smartphone receives the audio stream from the monocle and uses OpenAI’s Whisper voice recognition system to transcribe what the speaker has just said. This is then sent to OpenAI’s GPT-4 which generates a response which is displayed on the screen. ” rizzGPT uses AI to provide you with charisma on demand, listening to your ongoing conversation and telling you exactly what to say next said Bryan Chiang. He posted the source code on GitHub.

The project is a simple prototype, and therefore is a bit slow, with too long a response time to have a conversation in a natural way. However, Bryan Chiang created rizzGPT to explore what is possible with current technologies. He publishes on his Twitter account various projects using the monocle, such as lifeOS, a personal agent that recognizes your friends and shows you suggestions for topics of conversation based on the history of your exchanged messages.