Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra Even When Not Exercising


Hello, all you gorgeous and beautiful ladies out there. As shocking as this may be to most of you, we are going to break some ancient myths about Sports Bras worn by Women in the country. We are also going to introduce you to a brand new concept of “Motion Bras” which are now available for you to buy sports bras online. First and foremost are you among those who believe that sports bras are to be worn only during exercising or participating in sports activities? These are misconceptions that we are revealing in this piece. A February 2023 survey revealed that 44% of Indian women do not wear sports bras while exercising. Sounds weird but again is true. Women begin wearing sports bras at a young age, usually around 12-14 years old, which is their first introduction to wearing a bra, and with time we are made to get more comfortable wearing the normal ones. While the main purpose of a sports bra is to provide support during exercise, there are many additional benefits to wearing one. Let’s check how it will help women struggling with support issues & enable them to identify how to shop for sports bras online.


Why Wearing a Sports Bra Beyond Exercise is Beneficial for Women?

Why is this topic important? Women need to be reminded to take care of themselves regularly because even though it is important to choose the best sports bra for support, fit, and construction, many women still end up wearing the wrong size. The cooper tendons, which are slim connective tissues that support the breasts, are put under strain when the breasts move in a figure-eight motion while running, sometimes up to eight inches. This can cause severe damage to your health. Experts at the University of Portsmouth conducted a study on how chest tissue is affected during running with standard bras and various sports bras. They found that sports bras with low to medium impact can reduce bounce but do not prevent side-to-side movement associated with running. Interestingly, their research revealed that the bra a woman wears can affect her running style. Therefore, a high-quality sports bra can help you perform better while also providing the necessary support. We hope you don’t need too much evidence to prove this further


Motion Sports Bra

There are various other activities that a woman does in her day besides physical exercise.


The other tasks also involve movement and for these requirements, Candour London has introduced “Motion Sports Bras”. These bras give the necessary support and restrict the movement of the breast. They are not as chest fitted as a conventional sports bra but make your daily errands less wobbly. Check out the “Motion Sports Bra” option which can be used for daily wear at


Sports Bra: More Than Just a Gym Essential

As you know, and you may be one even modern women are hustlers. No matter what sport they play, a day in the life of every Indian woman is like a full-fledged sporting activity itself. Many women who engage in physical activities like running, jumping, or playing sports require a sports bra. It provides the necessary support, reduces bounce, and prevents pain or discomfort while exercising. Additionally, they can wear it while traveling or doing daily errands.

People often overlook the repercussions of sagging and distorted breasts. Let’s get this together to evade all myths.


The Surprising Benefits of always wearing a Sports Bra:

Let’s discuss some relevant benefits of wearing a sports bra even if you’re not an athlete.


Consistently wearing a sports bra can improve your overall health.

It reduces painful impact and discomfort in the back caused by activities like walking, bending, and stretching.

Any discomfort during physical activities will be eliminated,

Upper body chest movement will be reduced, and your breasts will receive additional support

Bras for sports and different exercises:

If you’re into fitness and sports, you cannot imagine your bosoms hopping around. It leads to pain and sagging breasts.


The main purpose of Sports bras is to support a variety of exercises and so they are designed to perform all kinds of exercises, including low-, medium-, and high-impact workouts. Make sure that maximum support is achieved to avoid injuries. For this, you need to select the appropriate sports bra for the appropriate activity. Online sports bra shopping has made it easier for women to choose the best sports bra for their needs.


We understand the urge of shopping and exploring is tackling your fingers but let’s also see some additional benefits of sporting a sports bra.


How Wearing a Sports Bra Can Improve Your Posture and Comfort

There is more to sports bras than just avoiding injuries. Wearing one regularly can help you stand up straighter and feel more comfortable by keeping your shoulders and spine in the right place. Opt for a good sports bra that keeps the breasts straight and prevents them from sagging or bouncing, which can lead to poor posture and back pain. We bet you never knew that.


Sports Bra Benefits: Beyond the Gym and into Daily Life

A sports bra can help you live a better life outside of exercise. A day in a woman’s life is already like participating in a rigorous sporty activity. A sports bra can give you more self-assurance, comfort, and support, just like your BFF and it can also help you feel better and more at ease during every day routines. Investing in high-quality sports bras is a wise investment for your overall health and well-being. These bras are designed to last, breathe, and be durable so that you can benefit from them for a long time. What more can you We can feel the relief on your face when you’re gonna switch to wearing a sports bra and breathing a sigh of relief.



In conclusion, wearing a sports bra during exercise can be very beneficial for women. It improves posture It further develops stance and offers essential help, reduces bosom agony and inconvenience, and works on prosperity. While looking for a games sports bra, it’s vital to contemplate things like solace up of pro movement, and size. When you buy sports bras online from reputable brands, you are assured of the quality of them serving their right purpose.


Considering all your special lady needs and considering everything into account, Candour London sells sports bras of great quality that enjoy various benefits in any event, when not worn for a workout as well as while working out. For a wide range of activities, their extensive selection of sports bras for women provides maximum support and comfort. Thanks to online sports bra shopping, purchasing sports bras from Candour London is now easier than ever. So, whether you’re going for a run, doing yoga, or just want the support and comfort of a sports bra, harvest the investment in a high-quality sports bra from Candour London right away to experience the first-hand benefits. Keep your energy up throughout and don’t forget to click the link in the bio to shop. It is time to feel content within. We love you for reading till the end. Let us know if you switched to sports bras or not.


complete support and adequate compression, a combination bra is your best bet. Choosing the right sports bra can improve your workout performance and overall comfort.


For more information on selecting the right sports bra for your body type log on to Also and check out the “Motion Sports Bra” option which can be used for daily wear.

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