Ben Arfa reveals the name of the best defender he has faced

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While he has often made defenders suffer during his career, some have given him a hard time.

His dribbling skills often put defenses to the test. However, Hatem Ben Arfa has sometimes been impressed by defenders. Questioned by Five FC, the former Rennais revealed the name of the defender who marked him the most during his career.

“In training especially because I was with him, it’s Thiago Silva! He impressed me. Truly he impressed me. At the level of anticipation, that is to say that he anticipated everything. The intelligence, the placement, the technique, in fact he could even play almost in 10, he launched. You feel like he knew where you were going to pass, where you were going to dribble. With him, when I was in training, I really had to use my pure instinct to be able to do something. That is to say that if I was thinking, he had already thought before me. So it had to be my instinct speaking. »

“For me he is one of the greatest defenders in the world”, he said as the Brazilian, despite his 38 years, continues to shine with Chelsea despite the nightmarish season experienced by the Blues.