Beas Kund Trek: Discover the Serene Beauty of the Himalayan Landscape


The Beas Kund Trek is a breathtaking Himalayan trek located in the Pir Panjal range in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated at an altitude of 3,660 meters, Beas Kund is a high altitude glacial lake that is fed by the melting snow of the surrounding mountains. The trek offers stunning views of glaciers, alpine meadows, snowy peaks, gushing streams, and pristine lakes. With its remote location and untouched natural beauty, the Beas Kund trek allows you to experience the raw and serene magnificence of the Himalayas.

The trek to Beas Kund begins from the quaint hill town of Manali. After obtaining permits, you will drive to Dhundi or Solang Nala which serves as the starting point for the trek. From here, the 9 km trek winds through dense forests of deodar, fir, oak and rhododendron. The trail is lined with wild flowers such as blue poppies, primulas and buttercups which add a dash of color to the landscape. The chirping of colorful birds like the Himalayan monal pheasant, red-billed blue magpie and lammergeier resonate through the forest. 

From Solang Nala to Beas Kund

As you gain elevation, the landscape changes from lush green forests to rocky moraine paths and snow-covered meadows. Witness mighty mountains like Indrasan, Deo Tibba and the Hanuman Tibba up close. Pass alpine pastures like Bakarthach and Shuru where you can absorb the stunning high-altitude scenery. After 4-5 hours of trekking, you will arrive at Beas Kund – the crystalline turquoise-blue lake centered amidst the snow-capped summits. The word “kund” refers to a glacial lake in Hindi. Fed by the Beas river and the surrounding glaciers, the pristine waters of Beas Kund reflect the blue sky and white peaks surrounding it. Sitting beside the silent lake as gentle breezes whisper through the mountains, a deep sense of peace and calmness envelopes your mind.

Beas Kund: Where Mythology and Majesty Converge in the Himalayas

According to legend, Beas Kund is the place where the sage, Vyas, authored the great epic Mahabharata. Vyas used to meditate on the banks of the lake. The beauty and divinity of the place inspired him to pen the grand tale of victory of good over evil. Even today, Beas Kund holds great religious importance and Hindu pilgrims trek here to take a holy dip in its glacial waters during festivals.

After reveling in the mystical beauty of Beas Kund, you begin the descent back to Solang Nala. Stop at Vashisht village to visit the natural hot water springs that are revered for their healing properties. End your tiring but rewarding trek with a stay in charming Manali town. Dig into delicious meals and get a good night’s rest before you return home with memorable experiences.

Best Time to visit

The best time to undertake the Beas Kund trek is May to October when the weather is pleasant and ideal for trekking. Proper acclimatization to the high altitude by doing overnight halts is important to avoid altitude sickness. Carry enough winter clothing as temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Hire experienced guides who are well-versed with the route and challenges. Obtain the necessary permits well in advance from the forest department office in Manali. Avoid the monsoon season as the risk of landslides increases during heavy rainfall. Travel light, carry energy bars and stay hydrated during the trek.


Though challenging, the Beas Kund trek is achievable for most beginner and moderately fit trekkers willing to push their endurance. With its raw beauty untouched by commercialization, it offers a the unique chance to experience the spiritually uplifting tranquility of the Himalayas. If you wish to get away from the chaos of daily life, immerse yourself in nature and unlock your inner resilience, then embark on this life-changing trek to Beas Kund.


The Beas Kund trek is the perfect way to commune with nature and push your physical limits in the mighty Himalayas. The stunning alpine scenery, soul-stirring silence and spiritual aura of the place will rejuvenate your senses and leave you spellbound. If you love trekking among breathtaking mountain vistas, the Beas Kund trek should definitely feature on your bucket list. This moderately challenging trek requires fitness but the rewards are views and experiences that will be permanently etched in your memory.

While undertaking the Beas Kund trek, do not litter or pollute the pristine surroundings. Practice responsible trekking by not disturbing the flora and fauna of the region. Follow eco-friendly habits like avoiding plastic, conserving water and using solar lights during the trek. Make sure to bring back your waste and dispose it properly in Manali. We must make collective efforts to conserve the fragile Himalayan ecology for future generations.

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