Bad news for Hervé Renard!

A fortnight before the announcement of the list of Blue for the World Cup in Australia, several executives are still very uncertain for the competition.

Hervé Renard has not been idle since his big first at the head of the France team. The coach of Les Bleues and his staff have swallowed dozens of matches since the beginning of April, in the stands or in front of his television. The former Cannes resident now has a fortnight to refine his list for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. A list which, by his own admission, will include more than 23 names.

“In my mind, the list will be a little longer to give a little more time to those who are coming back from a long convalescence. We will then see day by day, with a deadline probably just before leaving for Ireland for the preparation match (July 6) ”, he confided in comments reported by Le Figaroadding: “The players will also be there to win their place. This creates some competition across the group. »

“But there are many who, deep down, must already know that they will be part of the final selection”, he took care to add. For some players, however, the uncertainty is total. This is particularly the case for the four executives on the flank for several weeks: Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Griedge Mbock, Kadidiatou Diani and Amandine Henry.

Mbock, doubt is allowed…

And doubt is allowed concerning the first two named. “The percentages of feasibility are diverse. If we talk about Kadidiatou Diani (shoulder injury), the percentage will be much higher. For Marie-Antoinette, a little less. And then for Griedge, maybe even a little less”, he asserted. About the young PSG striker, the double winner of the CAN intends to keep hope. “We’re going to give ourselves every chance,” he said. She’s in that state of mind so that’s good. But no one has the answer today. We will make sure to respect the medical aspect, the athletic aspect so as not to go against the physical integrity of this player who still has a bright future ahead of her. But if we can have him with us, I would be the first to be delighted. »

The problem is totally different for Amandine Henry, on sick leave for several weeks and cold with Olympique Lyonnais, whom she wanted to leave as soon as possible before joining MLS. “She might miss a bit of competition, but she won’t miss training. She has to do what is necessary to be ready, to want to be, “ he launched about her, determined to be able to count on her in the Antipodes.

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