At the Super Bowl, Justina Miles almost eclipsed Rihanna

SUPER BOWL – A historical performance, accompanied by a sign language interpretation of the same nature. This is what viewers of Fox News could see by watching the halftime of the final of the Super Bowl with Rihanna, this Sunday, February 12.

According to the images, the young woman in question, Justina Miles, embarked on a real choreography to support her interpretation on the air of the lyrics of the singer’s hits. Shaking like no other, she almost eclipsed Rihanna’s incredible performance, as some Internet users point out with a little mischief.

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“Honestly, I have a lot more fun watching Rihanna’s interpreter than the show itself. »

“The interpreter of Rihanna has completely dethroned Rihanna. »

“Sorry, but Rihanna, your sign language interpreter was more torn than you on stage. »

It was the first time in the history of the famous entre-acte that a sign language interpreter was invited. It was important, according to Justina Miles. ” Not only for me to share this experience with the world, but also to bring that sense of empowerment to millions and millions of deaf black people across the country who have never seen this before. I feel like it really lifts everyone’s voice, even my own,” she explained, during a press conference, organized the Thursday before the concert.

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Known on TikTok since she shared, in 2020, a video in which she doubles passages of Crush on You of Lil Kim, Justina Miles says she is proud to have the opportunity to ” allow all deaf people to enjoy these songs and not deprive them of the full Super Bowl experience “.

A major venue for Rihanna’s return to the limelight as this major annual television rally attracts 72,000 spectators to the stadium and 200 million viewers around the world. A show that she had refused for the first time in 2019. It was an opportunity for the planetary star to publicly announce her new pregnancy… And to do a little product placement for her make-up brand.

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