Another fight between teacher and student trends on social media – Mimi Mefo Info

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Lycée Leclerc in Yaounde, Centre Region of Cameroon is again at the center of controversy as another video of a fight between a teacher and a student surfaced on social media this Wednesday May 23, 2023.

In the viral video, the student, cheered by a group of excited mates, is seen giving several punches to the teacher who struggles in vain to defend himself — despite him getting help from several other colleagues.

At the moment it remains unclear the exact cause of the physical altercation between the two.

The video which is currently trending on several social media platforms, serves as more fuel to the damaged reputation of the once prestigious institution recently.

Few weeks ago, a certain Frédéric Koloto, 18, a football player was filmed manhandling a police officer who tried to forcefully evict him from the school premise.

Reports say the teenager had turned up in the school to accompany his girlfriend who was sitting in for the “Probatoire” examination, but was prevented from entering.

The argument got physical as he resisted the police man’s attempt to chase him out of the school. The footballer was later arrested and detained for his action.

He has since written a letter of apology to the Head of State for acts of violence against an agent of the forces of law and order.

By M.K