Angers is approaching the last four

Angers now leads 3-0 in its Magnus League quarter-final against Bordeaux, and will have the opportunity to validate its ticket for the semi-finals this Tuesday.

Angers finally had the opportunity to play at home, and the Dukes did not miss the opportunity to win! This Monday, the Angevins received Bordeaux in Match 3 of the Magnus League quarter-finals, finally being able to benefit from their ice rink, which was unavailable last week and therefore deprived them of the home advantage of having finished third in the regular season.

But that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Angers, who now lead 3-0 against the Boxers.. After winning 6-1 then 2-1 in Gironde, this time they won 5-2 at home.

Five different scorers for Angers

Angers opened the scoring in the 14th minute through Brendan Harms, then broke in the 26th through Téo Sarliève. Nikita Jevpalovs gave Bordeaux hope by scoring 42 seconds into the third period, but the Dukes responded curtly, with a Jonathan Charbonneau goal 62 seconds later, then a Tommy Giroux strike in the 49th and one from Nick Ross at the 54th.

Peter Valier’s goal in the 51st for Bordeaux will remain anecdotal. Angers therefore won without shaking too much and is no longer one victory away from qualifying for the semi-finals (where the Dukes would then be opposed to Rouen), which could take place this Tuesday in the event of another victory at home.


GRENOBLE (1) – MULHOUSE (8): 3-1
Match 1 – Grenoble – Mulhouse: 3-2 a.m.
Match 2 – Grenoble – Mulhouse: 5-1
Match 3 – Mulhouse – Grenoble: 3-2
Match 4 – Mulhouse- Grenoble : 5-7
Match 5 on Wednesday March 15 in Grenoble
Match 6 (if necessary) on Friday March 17 in Mulhouse
Match 7 (if necessary) on Sunday March 19 in Grenoble

Match 1 – Rouen – Amiens: 5-2
Match 2 – Rouen – Amiens: 5-0
Match 3 – Amiens- Rouen : 3-4 (ap)
Match 4 – Amiens- Rouen : 3-4

ANGERS (3) – BORDEAUX (6): 3-0
Match 1 – Burgundy- Angers : 1-6
Match 2 – Burgundy- Angers : 1-2
Match 3 – Angers – Bordeaux: 5-2
Match 4 on Tuesday March 14 in Angers
Match 5 (if necessary) on Wednesday March 15 in Angers
Match 6 (if necessary) on Saturday March 18 in Bordeaux
Match 7 (if necessary) on Sunday March 19 in Bordeaux

Angers finished the regular season better ranked than Bordeaux, but due to the unavailability of their ice rink, the Angevin club will only play three home games at most.

CERGY-PONTOISE (4) – GAP (5): 3-1
Match 1 – Cergy Pontoise – Gap: 6-5 (ap)
Match 2 – Cergy Pontoise – Gap: 5-1
Match 3 – gap- Cergy Pontoise : 3-4 (ap)
Match 4 – gap – Cergy-Pontoise: 4-3 (pen)
Match 5 on Wednesday March 15 at Cergy-Pontoise
Match 6 (if necessary) on Friday March 17 at Gap
Match 7 (if necessary) on Sunday March 19 at Cergy-Pontoise

The semi-finals will take place from March 21 to April 2 and the final from April 4 to 16.

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