Andrew Tate hearing latest — Disgraced influencer stays in jail while brother Tristan to appeal release date

Andrew Tate’s prison routine

Tate sent an email to his subscribers, moaning about life behind bars.

He wrote: “There is only one way to survive in jail. That is with absolute self-control and discipline.

“In jail, your daily pleasures are extremely small. Phone calls and hot coffee.

“When you wake up, you will naturally want to grab a nice hot coffee and make your phone calls.

“But this is an amateur mistake. Your daily pleasures are limited, if you use it up the first thing in the morning you are doomed to a day of misery.”

Tate said “to counter this” he “puts obstacles in” his way – 550 push-ups, 100 dips, four litres of water and 200 squats.