account sharing in France is officially over, what you need to know

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​officially cracking down on password sharing by limiting access to its platform to users living under the same roof. If you shared your account with a friend, you will now have to subscribe, or pay a supplement.

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After months of warning and testing in some countries, Netflix turns the screw and officially ends password sharing in France. ” A Netflix account can only be used by one household reads a blog post published by Netflix about its new policy.

People to whom the description does not apply (siblings, friends, parents, who do not live with the primary subscriber of a Netflix account) have two options to continue watching Netflix: transfer their account to a new subscription paying, or ask the Netflix subscriber toadd an “additional member” to their extended “household”, at an additional cost of 5.99 euros per month. Note that you will be entitled to your own account and password, your profile and the ability to watch Netflix on 1 screen at a time.

Netflix no longer wants you to share your password

Netflix now requires customers to create a “Netflix Household” at their primary address, but household members can continue to use the streaming service in other locations, at least to some extent. The additional member must be located in the same country as the account holder, and be over 18 years of age.

One of the main concerns of users was whether they could continue to use their account abroad while on vacation, and the answer is yes. The rules will always users to take full advantage of the streaming platform when they are on vacation or on the gobut only for people living under the same roof.

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Netflix plans to enforce its policy by identifying the IP address of the device used by the primary account holder. To modify this address, users can confirm or update their household through the Netflix appand respond to a verification link sent to the account holder’s email address or phone number.

Regarding how Netflix determines which customers share accounts, the company explains that it will use ” information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine if a device connected to your account is part of your Netflix household “. In an attempt to allay concerns about location privacy, Netflix says it does not collect GPS data from user devices.

Not all subscriptions are eligible for Household Extension

Note that only subscribers to Netflix Premium and Netflix Standard plans appear to have access to the feature “additional subscribers” to expand their household. Netflix subscribers who have subscribed to the two cheapest plans (Essential or Standard with ads, which cost 8.99 and 5.99 euros respectively per month) do not have the option of adding additional members to their subscription at all. account.

The feature received a lot of backlash from consumers, but Netflix assured investors that despite some early rollbacks, cracking down on passwords would benefit the company’s long-term growth and success. financial health. In Canada, where the changes were introduced in February, the base of paying members is now larger than before the changesand revenue growth accelerated, the company said.

The good news is that Netflix has implemented a feature that will make it easier to switch to your own account. People who share someone else’s Netflix account can now use the “Transfer Profile” option, which will help them transfer their existing account information, including their viewing history and personalized list.

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