A star has exploded as a supernova in a galaxy in the Big Dipper!

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A star exploded as a supernova at the heart of the Big Dipper. He is the hunter supernovasupernova Koichi Itagaki who discovered it this Thursday, May 19, 2023. The object was baptized NSNS 2023ixf. And then he appeared with a magnitudemagnitude of the order of 14.9. A magnitude that has continued to decline since and for several days. Understand that the brightnessbrightness of the supernova has continuously increased.

According to astronomersastronomers, SN 2023ixf corresponds to a type II supernova. It would be the result of the explosion of a supergiant starsupergiant star at the end of life. A starstar about 15 times the massmass of our SunSunbelieve the researchers, and evolving so far in one of the galaxiesgalaxies most photographed: M101M101the Moulinet galaxy located almost 21 millionlight yearslight years of the Earth (a neighbor on the scale of theUniverseUniverse).

The latest observations suggest that the peak brightness of this newly appeared supernova has been reached. Around a magnitude of 11. It therefore remains invisible to the naked eye. But it can quite well be observed using an amateur instrument.

Written by Emilie Grenaud

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