a comparison with the original which is eye-popping

Dead Space Remake is just out and brings back one of the best survival horror of its last years. The work is enormous.

EA Motive finally launched its long-awaited remake of Dead Space a few days ago and the feedback, from the press and players, has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only Motive took over one of the best survival horror of the early 2000s, but as a bonus, it greatly improved it, whether in terms of gameplay, level design or even, and of course, technique.

Dead Space Remake VS Dead Space (2008), there is no photo

As the studio had shown us many times during its presentations, Dead Space Remake goes further than a simple facelift. In addition to bringing a whole bunch of new features (improved gameplay, dubbing of Isaac, side quests, etc.) he is taking advantage of this revisit to change his level design in many respects.
Not only does this make certain iconic sequences definitely cult, but as a bonus the progression, the staging and the general atmosphere gain enormously in rhythm and quality. For example, the game is no longer divided into several chapters, but can indeed be done in one go. Many sequences and passages have been added to connect all areas of the ship together. And that alone makes the difference. But we are not going to redo the test of the game for you, it is already dense enough as it is.

The Youtube channel ElAnalistaDeBits, specializing in comparisons and other video analyses, has also made the rounds of some new features and major changes. And there is no denying, the work is colossal on this Dead Space Remake, although it is not yet perfect. The game indeed suffers from several annoying bugs which should however be fixed shortly. EA Motive also maintains a big post on this subject.

A graphic standard on all media?

Bonus, Dead Space Remake can boast of being simply sublime. Digital Foundry, a specialist in the field, claims that the game is a “high quality remake”. So, yes, it occasionally coughs a little and some residual bugs remain, but the fact is that the game overall pulls it off with flying colors in all of its visuals and audio. A special mention is also given to the sound design, which is particularly stunning, to ray tracing and to the management of volumetric effects, including lighting.
Digital Foundry also points out that the console versions are completely honest, and even more than that even if the measurements show a pixel level lower than the resolution targeted by the different graphics modes. On the other hand, the specialist declares that indeed, the VRS can have some problems on PS5. But as said above, EA Motive is on the case.

If you are interested in the game, know that Dead Space Remake is available since January 27 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.