7 Easy Tips To Keep Your Towels Soft & Fluffy.

With time, all the towels become rough and tear the skin.

But then, how to have towels as cozy as at the hotel?

1. Use less detergent

A hand pouring powder detergent into the detergent drawer of a washing machine.

If the towels are rough to the touch, it is mainly because of the detergent residue which accumulate in the fibers of the fabric.

The solution is touse a little less detergent than the amount recommended on your detergent package.

This will make it easier for your washing machine to remove the last soap residue that makes the towels harder and less absorbent.

2. Wash your towels in hot water

Choose a high temperature to wash your towels and keep them soft

If the wash water is hot, it softens the fibers and absorbs detergent better.

This removes dirt and residue that clings to the towels.

To find the ideal wash temperature, check the wash label on your towels before washing them.

3. Use white vinegar instead of fabric softener

A spray bottle of white vinegar in front of a blue towel and washing machine.

It’s paradoxical, but in the long run, fabric softeners make your towels more rough and less sweet!

Indeed, they contain silicone, which forms a film around the fibers and stop water absorption.

Instead, to replace the Soupline, use white vinegar to return your towels softer.

And the same goes for your beach towels.

White vinegar removes soap scum that makes towels feel rough.

Thus, they regain their softness and their absorption capacity.

You see making your own fabric softener is easy.

Approximately every 6 weeks, run a cycle with 250 ml of white vinegar and no detergent.

Then, make a second cycle with 150 g of bicarbonate. The tutorial is here.

4. Use baking soda

Use baking soda to wash towels and keep them soft

Baking soda helps relax the fibers and to remove detergent residue.

This makes your towels softer and fluffier.

It’s another way to make your own fabric softener.

Just add 100g of baking soda to your normal amount of washing powder.

A little extra, baking soda has powerful deodorizing properties.

So it naturally eliminates musty odors from wet towels left in a gym bag or on the bathroom floor.

5. Avoid overloading the washing machine

A washing machine loaded with dirty laundry.

Don’t fill your washing machine to the brim!

Indeed, if the drum of the washing machine is overloaded, there is not enough space between the towels.

And if the towels are too tight, the washing machine is less efficient for rinsing off dirt and detergent residue.

This rule also applies to the dryer. By overloading it, there is not enough air to soften the fibers of the fabric.

As a result, even after washing and drying in the machine, your towels become hard and rough.

For best results, it is recommended to half fill your drumabout 2-3 towels per wash depending on the size of your washing machine.

Similarly, wash your bath linen together in the same machine: bathrobes, towels, washcloths, bathrobe, bath mat, etc.

Separate them from other clothes that can damage the terry cloth (zipper, button, etc.).

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6. Use tennis balls

Put tennis balls in the washing machine to keep towels soft

Here the trick is to put one or two tennis balls with your towels when you dry them in the dryer.

As with commercial dryer balls, tennis balls help to soften the fiberss towels by limiting the effect of friction between them.

It is an excellent natural fabric softener.

Don’t have any tennis balls handy?

Click here to find out how to make dryer balls with a simple ball of yarn.

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7. Reduce dryer drying time

A hand pulling a blue towel out of the dryer.

Those who own a dryer know it: they work miracles to soften the laundry!

In the short term, your towels come out puffy, supple and very soft!

It is paradoxical, but repeated drying can also wear out the fabric towels and make them rougher.

To avoid this wear and tear, set your dryer to a lower temperature and an slower speed.

Likewise, it is also advisable toalternate between drying on a clothes line and drying in the dryer.

You can also partially dry the towels on a drying rack before refreshing them with a quick blow of the dryer.

Don’t have a dryer? So, before putting them on the drying rack, don’t forget to shake your towels well to make the fibers swell.

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Now you know how to make your bath and hand towels super soft.

And these tips are effective for all towels: terry, premium, honeycomb…

Your turn…

You’ve tried these pro tips for making napkins softer and fluffier ? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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