6 things to teach your daughter to become independent and confident

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As parents, we all want our daughters to grow into strong, empowered women in the future, but sometimes we struggle to find the right balance between protecting them and leaving them to fend for themselves! We emphasize that independence does not mean isolation, and that our girls need our support to explore their surroundings and discover who they really are. Decryption!

Raising a girl and a boy the same way, is it possible?


Brother and sister – Source: spm

It’s time to raise our girls to be independent warriors! Forget outdated ideas about fragile women who need a knight in armor to save them. Our girls have the power to realize their dreams on their own and examples are not lacking these days!

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You’ve probably heard of the expression ” the future is female », and it is absolutely true! Women fight every day to stand up for their rights, to earn their place in society and to achieve equity on all fronts, and we must strive to support them from the beginning of their journey.

As parents, we are the first educators of our children by law and public power. And besides, in order for our sons and daughters to grow up knowing that all genders are equal, it’s essential that we do everything we can from an early age. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated stereotypes that portray women as weak and men as powerful. Together, we can unite to reduce inequalities and build a better future for future generations. Discover the valuable advice of the experts on this subject!

If you still have questions about the education of your children, here is an interesting video that should enlighten you on this subject:

Who wouldn’t want their daughter to receive an education that allows her to confidently face the challenges of adult life and succeed in whatever she does? Making her daughter an empowered, independent woman doesn’t mean transforming her or preventing her from dressing like her favorite princesses. On the contrary, it is rather necessary to encourage him to explore his passions, whether it is about sport, art or studies… With a little support of know-how, we should all succeed! So if you’re looking for tips on raising your daughter to be an independent and confident woman, you’ve come to the right place! Just take a look below!

Teach your daughter to make decisions independently

Give your daughter the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect her. Whenever possible, encourage her to make constructive choices in her life. For example, let her choose her own clothes, while setting appropriate boundaries, or allow her to decide what extracurricular activities she wants to participate in.

As Jane Katch, doctor of education and author of “They Don’t Like Me” explains : It’s completely normal for your daughter to engage in an activity for a short time before she decides to try something different. This will boost her self-confidence and self-esteem.

Allowing her daughter to discover her passions

Inspire your daughter and give her the chance to follow her passion! Engaging in an activity she loves will allow her to face challenges, build her confidence and resilience, and cultivate deep values ​​rather than focusing on her physical appearance. Rachel Simons, author of ‘Odd Girl Out’, stresses how important it is to help her daughter find a passion that allows her to focus on positive activities, such as playing an instrument or playing basketball, instead of getting sucked into reality TV shows.

Plan father-daughter bonding time

Create father-daughter moments

Create father-daughter moments – Source: spm

Make time for a strong and fulfilling father-daughter relationship! According to an article in Focus On The Family, the presence and involvement of the father in the education of his daughter makes all the difference! One of the key benefits of this relationship is the development of self-confidence. As parenting styles differ between mums and dads, the latter tend to be bolder and are often more willing to take risks, teaching their daughters how to overcome life’s obstacles. These quality moments create lasting memories that help strengthen the emotional bond between father and daughter.

Encourage her daughter to solve her problems on her own

Encourage your daughter to solve her own problems on her own to build her independence. Rather than taking matters into her own hands, let her develop her coping skills by asking her to think of several strategies for handling a given situation. Rachel Simmons suggests asking your daughter to think of three different options and discuss the possible outcomes of each choice. Even if you don’t agree with her, it’s important to show her that her decisions matter and that her life belongs to her. With this approach, she will develop essential skills to manage the challenges that will come her way throughout her life.

To encourage your daughter to develop her creativity and imagination, consider limiting her exposure to social media and popular culture at a young age. According to Diane Levin, professor of early childhood education at Wheelock College in Boston and author of the book “So Sexy So Soon”, by limiting your daughter’s exposure to the media and popular culture, you offer her the opportunity to take her time to discover the world around her and develop her own vision and her own ideas! In the future, when the media plays a bigger role in her life, the rules and routines you’ve established will help her stay in control of her own experiences.

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Allowing her daughter to disagree on everything and get angry

Chatting with her daughter

Chatting with his daughter – Source: spm

Allow your daughter to express her disagreement and anger towards you! Thus, she will learn to stand up to her peers, her future boyfriend or future employers. As Lyn Mikel Brown and Sharon Lamb, professors of education and co-authors of “Packaging Girlhood” point out, it is important to teach girls how to express their disagreements clearly and to support them so that they do not compromise their convictions. As a parent, it’s your job to help your daughter make thoughtful decisions about how to express her feelings. If your little one is shy and doesn’t feel comfortable with this situation, you absolutely must help her develop her skills, as psychologist Steiner-Adair points out.

As parents, we are always plagued with doubts about the best way to raise our children, especially when it comes to raising a daughter to be an independent and strong woman. Allow him to fight for his dreams. She will realize them, if you as parents help her on her way…

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