4 homemade traps to get rid of flies.

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Flies are particularly well suited to thrive in damp places in your home: garbage cans, sinks, and food.

Fortunately, there are simple, ecological and economical solutions to put an end to this problem.

1. The Vinegar Trap

You can trap flies with a jar, cider vinegar, a simple sheet of paper!

Invasion of flies at home?

Do not panic, here is a simple homemade natural trap made from apple cider vinegar.

Flies can’t resist the smell of fermentation.

However, this vinegar is a product made from fermented apples. Therefore, flies cannot resist it.

This trap is even more effective if you heat the vinegar a little beforehand. For what ? Because heat releases the aroma of vinegar.


To make this trap, you will need:

– 1 jar (or similar container)

– 1 piece of paper rolled into a funnel

– cider vinegar (about 12 cl)

– 1 or 2 drop(s) of washing-up liquid

– 1 piece of ripe or overripe fruit (optional)

The preparation

1. Heat the apple cider vinegar and pour it into the jar (there should be enough vinegar for a fly to drown in).

2. Then, add 1 to 2 drop(s) of washing up liquid.

This step is important! Indeed, the dishwashing liquid will reduce the surface tension of the vinegar.

If you don’t put dishwashing liquid, flies can land on the vinegar and fly away!

3. Next, roll a piece of paper into a funnel shape (see photo).

4. Finally, insert your funnel into the jar. Leave a small hole in the bottom of the funnel for the flies to enter.

Attracted by the smell of vinegar, the flies will enter the jar, but they will not be able to get out and they will drown.

To make the trap even more effective, add a piece of fruit to act as bait. Over time it will break down and make the trap even more appealing.

If the flies are trapped in the jar, but don’t drown, you can put the jar in the freezer for 20 minutes.

One last thing: in theory, you can reuse the mixture from this trap. But in practice, you will surely prefer to change it quite frequently.

Indeed, this trap is effective, but the spectacle of drowned flies is not very pleasant.

2. The fruit trap

How to catch flies with a jar and stretch film?

How make a fly traps? Flies love fruit. So, nothing better than a fruit to catch them!


To make this trap, you will need:

– 1 jar

– stretch film

– 1 toothpick

– ripe fruit (even overripe)

– soapy water

The preparation

1. Insert several pieces of ripe fruit into the bottom of the jar.

2. Then close the jar with stretch wrap.

If you have trouble getting it in place, use a rubber band — it’s easier and works well.

3. Next, poke a few holes in the stretch film using the toothpick.

4. Finally, choose a strategic place to place the jar.

A word of advice: it is best to prepare several jars.

Place jars where flies enter your home (for example, outside near the front door).

Then place more jars where the flies seem to congregate.

The flies will be able to enter this trap through the small holes, but they will no longer be able to get out.

Once there are enough flies inside the jar, immerse it in a container of hot soapy water for 10 minutes.

Finally, rinse the jar and prepare another trap.

This natural flytrap has another advantage: it’s a good way to get rid of fruit that has been inadvertently left to rot.

3. The red wine trap

homemade fly trap with wine

A drunk fly? It may sound strange.

But, just like humans, flies too get drunk if they drink alcohol.

Wondering how to attract flies? Be aware that flies are particularly attracted by red wine.

If there is a small bottom left in your bottle, the flies will quickly congregate there.

Afterwards, they will probably drown in wine.

Otherwise, you can use the techniques of the previous traps: either put the bottle in the freezer or immerse the bottle in soapy water.


This trap requires little equipment: all you need is the bottom of a bottle of red wine.

You can also replace the red wine with red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar.

The preparation

Just put the open bottle with the bottom of red wine where the flies are.

Flies will naturally congregate in the bottle.

Then, it is in a state of drunkenness that they will drown at the bottom of the bottle!

Another method is to place the wine in a container, then cover the jar with cling film and poke holes.

4. The trap used by our grandmothers

Are there any grandma's tricks against flies?

Here is a recipe from an almanac dating from 1850.

We don’t know who invented it — but the main thing is that it is particularly effective ! This is why our grandmothers used it.


– 50 cl of milk

– 100 g cane sugar (brown sugar type)

– 50g ground black pepper

The preparation

1. Pour the milk, cane sugar and ground pepper into a saucepan.

2. Simmer for 10 mins.

3. Pour this mixture into bowls.

4. Distribute the plates throughout your accommodation.

Flies love this grandmother’s recipe. They are attracted to this mixture and quickly drown in it.

In case the flies manage to extricate themselves from the surface, add 1 to 2 drop(s) of washing up liquid to the mixture.

Bonus: citronella fly spray

Are there any natural fly repellents?

Here is a trick that does not kill flies, but will help you repel them: lemongrass essential oil.

In addition, this formula repels several other species of insects.


– 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil,

– a clean vaporizer

– 6 cl of hot water.

The preparation

1. Add the water and lemongrass essential oil to the spray bottle.

2. Then shake the bottle vigorously.

3. Finally, apply this solution to the edges of your windows, doors or directly on the flies.

It will repel flies, and the smell is pleasant and refreshing.

Lemongrass essential oil is easily found in organic stores.

To buy some now, we recommend this organic lemongrass oil.

As you can see, it is simple and economical to prepare your own traps.

It is true that it is unsavory to have to clean up some of these pitfalls.

But these homemade traps are much more natural than using fly bombs that contain harmful chemicals.

3 tips to stop attracting flies

Here are 3 little things you can do to stop attracting flies (also called fruit flies) in your home:

1. Did you know that flies breed in drains?

To solve this problem, it must be attacked at the source.

Try pouring a mixture of white vinegar and hot water down your sink daily.

Also, keep the area around your sink as dry as possible.

2. Keep all your food products away from flies (flies are particularly attracted to fruit).

3. Prefer trash cans that have a lid so that the smell does not attract them.

Your turn…

Do you know any other tricks to get rid of flies? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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