23 Ingenious Tricks To Simplify Your Gardening.

So you know it requires a lot of maintenance and attention.

Fortunately, there are tips to make gardening easier for you.

Here are 23 ingenious and creative tips that we have selected for you.

Pallet boards are a free material to make great rustic planters.

Discover here 24 incredible uses of wooden pallets.

2. Use Epsom salt for healthy soil

Use epsom salt for a healthy garden

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium sulfate. It is a natural nutrient that enriches your garden soil. rich in

We recommend this Epsom salt for your garden.

3. Use potatoes to grow rose bushes

use potatoes to grow rose bushes

Original isn’t it? But above all effective. Because the potato is full of water. It keeps the rose bush in a humid environment.

Check out the trick here.

4. Easily change the location of your seasonal plants with the “pot-in-pot” trick

Tip for easily changing flower pots

This trick is really super practical for easily arranging your garden.

5. Learn how to grow 45 kg of potatoes in a barrel

Use a barrel to grow potatoes

It’s the easiest way to grow potatoes at home!

Check out the trick here.

6. Crush your eggshells to give your garden a calcium boost

Use eggshells to enrich the soil with calcium

Eggshells are full of calcium. This nutrient will gradually diffuse into the soil of your vegetable garden.

7. Make a strawberry tower

How to make a strawberry tower

If you have PVC pipes… No need to buy wooden cutter towers!

To discover : 47 Amazing Ways to Use PVC Pipe. Don’t miss #28!

8. Use Layers to Conserve Humidity in Flower Pots

Use layers to keep moisture in flower pots

The layer absorbs moisture. Then she restores it gradually. The soil for your plants stays moist.

9. Use plastic containers in large flower pots to save potting soil

How to save potting soil for flower pots

These big cans hold an important place in the pots. As a result, less soil is added. And the pots are lighter.

Check out the trick here.

10. Easily make a raised garden using concrete blocks

How to make a raised garden easily

To make a square vegetable garden, no need to break the bank! Concrete blocks work just fine.

Check out the trick here.

11. Recycle bicycle wheels and rims in your garden

How to recycle bicycle wheels and rims in the garden

This is a very ingenious gardening trick to make your plants climb.

12. Collect rainwater in a barrel and use it to water the plants

Use a rainwater harvester to water the plants

This is a super economical trick to collect rainwater. And using rainwater to water your garden is smart and economical!

13. Easily Organize Plant Arrangements with a Template

Make arranging plants easier with a homemade template

This model makes it easy to space your plants

14. Grow gourds by planting them around a bucket with holes to easily water them at the roots

Grow squash easily

This is a great and effective trick for watering the vegetable garden. It provides deep watering of the squash roots.

15. Put your seedlings in eggshells

Use eggshells to grow seeds

Eggshells to grow seedlings, that’s awesome stuff! In addition, you plant them directly in the ground when the time comes. And the calcium in the shell will enrich your vegetable garden. Check out the trick here.

16. Dial in the aesthetics of your garden with pebbles

Beautiful garden with pebbles

Wondering what to do with pebbles in a garden? Here is a very nice idea to arrange and beautify your garden.

17. Use a plastic container cut in half to protect young shoots

Protect young plants with a plastic half

Another way to grow seedlings and young shoots sheltered from the weather!

18. Retain Water in Flower Pots by Adding Coffee Filters

Put a coffee filter in the bottom of flower pots to retain water

Like diapers, coffee filters help retain water. They help keep the soil moist. Check out the trick here.

19. Use storage boxes as flower pots

Use storage plastic boxes as flower pots

Do not use a transparent box, as algae may grow there. Choose a dark color, like green here.

20. Use lemons to grow seedlings

Use half a lemon to grow seedlings

Don’t throw away the citrus peels. They are super handy for growing your seedlings. And besides, it’s pretty!

21. Turn a plastic bottle into a watering can

How to turn a plastic bottle into a watering can

No watering can? No problem ! Recycle a container to water your plants. Check out the trick here.

22. Use toilet paper to spread the seeds evenly

make strips with toilet paper to plant the seeds regularly

Great for planting seeds!

23. Use plastic forks to find your seedlings and prevent animals from destroying them

Put plastic forks in the ground to find your young shoots

Do cats invite themselves into your vegetable garden? Here’s how to dissuade them!

Check out the trick here.

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Written by Mark Antoine

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