100 GB of data leaked, customers mostly complain about Autopilot

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Data leaked to a German media outlet indicates that Tesla has bigger technical issues than previously thought with its Autopilot system. “Insiders” leaked 100 GB of data from the computer system of the American manufacturer.

tesla dashboard
The dashboard of a Tesla Model 3 / Credit: 123RF

This is a new case that may not restore the image of Elon Musk’s company! Indeed, the German media Handelsblatt was able to learn complaints from Tesla customers where no less than 23,000 files were sent to the newspaper. The authenticity of the leaked data has been confirmed by a technology research institute based in Germany.

Tesla tried to ban its publication through a legal letter, saying the company had reason to believe a “disgruntled former employee” had “abused his access as a service technician. to smuggle company information out before he left.

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Tesla: complaints from brand customers, the company is trying to cover up the case

Handelsblatt asked Tesla 65 questions about the data, but the US electric car maker refused to answer, except for a threatening letter from a lawyer.

The leaks contain in particular more than 2400 complaints about acceleration and more than 1500 problems related to brake functionsincluding 139 cases of involuntary emergency braking and 383 cases of “phantom braking” due to false collision warnings.

The number of accidents amounts to more than 1,000. The oldest complaints date from 2015, the most recent from March 2022. During this period, Tesla has delivered around 2.6 million vehicles using Autopilot software. Although most of the entries come from American customers, complaints have also reportedly been registered in Europe and Asia. The German media contacted some customers and had the information confirmed.

Analyzing the data, Handlesblatt reporters point out that Tesla founder Martin Eberhard said he considered it “dangerous” to leave an autonomous vehicle on the road “before it was one hundred percent safe and reliable.” hundred”. Mr Eberhard founded Tesla in 2003 and was later sidelined by Elon Musk, who initially joined as an investor.

Another major criticism comes from Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, who told CNN that Musk tried to convince him to buy a Telsa by promising the vehicle could drive itself by the end of the year. year 2016.